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The Sunday Punch Overload: Mike Hawthorne Should Write Catwoman, Forever. And Other Untimely DC Relaunch Musings.

We’re pretty sure Mike Hawthorne should be involved with all future Catwoman adventures.

A handful of other comics speaking on this now dead matter lay below the cut.

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The Sunday Punch, Second Strike: The Adventures of Sexy Batman

So much love goes to @beatonna for relenting and drawing a Batman comic.

But, dear readers, a fact: Batman is fun. Batman is so much fun, and that is why everyone makes comics about him. Case closed, everyone make Batman comics and feel good about it. Plus, is this not where you go for cartoon butt drawings? A marriage of two fine things, like wine and more wine.

via the nerdy bird

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Jimmie Robinson’s BOMB QUEEN Covers Always Warm the Heart Cockles

Above lay a work-in-progress cover of Bomb Queen. We’re always glad to see BQ covers.

Below, Jimmie Robinson is selling Bomb Queen art. You know you want some.

Art that is.

via @Jimmie_Robinson

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Tuesday Tease: The Guild Wants You to Date Their Avatar, Sword Spankings Optional

The advertising rumble began late Sunday night on Twitter. We noticed it but never followed up. Twenty-four hours and two friends buzzing in our digital-ears that this must be seen later, we finally viewed the video…and it was good.

(via myextralife, The Guild )

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Late Tuesday Tease: A Spicy City is a Tasty City

In the twilight of the 1990s, the animation age continued to walk deep inside the ghetto a chosen few forced upon it. Adults, in their infinite wisdom, relegated drawn motion to that of child’s play. The rest of the world did not and does not have the same ideas on this attitude. Recently people are taking notice that a well animated film does not mean that it is destined for a 6 year old eyes. From time to time we will do our part in breaking the rest of lazy America’s assumptions.

Spicy City was a Ralph Bakshi creation that lived on HBO for one season in 1997. We have a love/hate relationship to many of Bakshi’s projects. His need to push Americans out of their entertainment comfort zones is what keeps him on our radar.

The episode “Tears of a Clone” is always our first memory of the short lived series. Sometimes we are quite sentimental in our storytelling tastes. No need for worries that our snark will lose all its teeth. The sentiment always passes.

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