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Today in Star Wars: Andy Hunter’s Scott Pilgrim Wars

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SCOTT PILGRIM 3D Poster Goes Live, Invites You to Epicness.

If you haven’t caught the hint, we expect you to be watching a certain film this weekend *cough*Scott Pilgrim vs. The World *cough*cough*.

We expect you to watch it en masse.

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One! Two! Three! Four… Articles on the Scott Pilgrim Movie to Better Prepare You to Watch it This Weekend

Here are clips from articles on SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD. The best movie you’re not watching. As always, click the links inside the snippets for the entire read.

1) An interesting NPR review by Linda Holmes of the movie reviewers hating on SCOTT PILGRIM:

‘Scott Pilgrim’ Versus The Unfortunate Tendency To Review The Audience

Full disclosure: I think it’s great.

I also think it’s so heavily stylized that it’s bound not to be everyone’s favorite film. It’s not aiming to be liked by all; it’s aiming to be adored by many. If director Edgar Wright weren’t okay with the film’s being polarizing, he’d have backed off from some of its delightful little quirks.

But I have to say to those reviewing it: what’s completely unnecessary is being hostile and condescending about the target audience — and I can say that, because I’m emphatically not part of it.

After referring to the first part of the movie as a “dork-pandering assault,” The Boston Phoenix reviewer goes on to say that Michael Cera’s performance is “irritating” in part because of “the non-stop Pavlovian laugh track provided by the audience at the screening I attended.” (As far as I know, that’s a first: “You made the audience laugh, you irritating actor in a comedy, and that’s what’s wrong with you.”)

2) Spinoff Online’s Graeme McMillan reflects on how previous movies based on comics failed, for the most part, and how Scott Pilgrim could break that mold in future films.

Why Scott Pilgrim Is The Movie Comic Book Movies Should Model Themselves After
There’s something about it, the more I think about it, that makes me hope that it changes the way comic book movies are made in future, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. The key, I think, is that it’s a movie that somehow manages to exactly capture what makes Bryan Lee O’Malley’s comics work, and yet it never feels like anything less than a celebration of filmmaking, and an example of the potential of the movie medium.

The last two lurk below.
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The Scott Pilgrim Guide for Gamers

The plan was to pull back on the Scott Pilgrim posts after we saw the movie. Our Twitter review of said film?

Re:Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Heart +9; Charm +9; Excellence +10; Adaptation Skill: Perfect! Awesome Director Achievement Unlocked! #fbless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Yes. it was that awesome.

Currently, movie box office reports that most of you moviegoers went to see that unfunny looking abomination THE OTHER GUYS, instead of the hilarious SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD. Because of this, we’re going to continue to drop Pilgrim posts until you buckle under the weight of the epic thing you’re not watching in theaters. You’ll break and you’ll watch and you’ll thank us with money and cases of your region’s finest beer.

First up, UGO tracks every gaming reference in the Bryan Lee O’Malley tomes.

Every Video Game Reference Ever in the Scott Pilgrim Comics

Crash and the Boys

Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1:

Scott’s band Sex Bob-Omb plays a show with a band called Crash and the Boys, a reference to Crash ‘n the Boys: Street Challenge, an NES sports game.

More references at UGO.

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Art Love for @RadioMaru . Scott Pilgrim Sketch Monster Fan Art and Mondo Movie Posters.

Once more into the breech, dear reader.

Harry Myland’s Sketch Monster
Harry’s done up a few SP fan love for the week. His other tributes include, Knives Chau and Sex Bob-bomb rocking out.

Do yourselves a favor and catch them all.

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Hey, @ScottPilgrim has a Comic Mashup Trailer and a Game Trailer

You’d think we would have had enough of this guy by now.

You’d think.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Trailer – Graphic Novel Recreation

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Scott Pilgrim vs Scott Pilgrim
For kicks we brought the You Tube Doubler into play. You’ll have to click the image to see it in action.

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Scott Pilgrim Hits The Playstation Network
Playstation keeps making its bid to be bought.

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The Music
In case you didn’t know. The soundtrack and score are cheaper, in mp3 form, on Amazon.

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Loading… Scott Pilgrim Interactive Trailer: +3 Epic, +2 Overload, 64 Marketing Combo

There was a time when we figured nothing new could be said about Scott Pilgrim vs the World movie hitting your local theaters next week. In fact, we were doing our best to stay away from promoting the film these days. There is such a thing as the “over-sell.”

We’ll be damned if this interactive trailer didn’t prove to be kind of neat. Neat enough to share and play around with for at least half an hour.

Did we say half and hour? Surely we meant the full 60 minutes.

Plan of Attack
This thing takes a kind of strategy. No really. Here’s how we hit it.
1) Pausing and backtracking during the trailer only adds to time and deceases fun-ness.
2) Play all the way through whilst mousing and clicking all over like a mad man.
3) Note your unlocked achievements and extra video earned at the end.
4) Back track to all the extra booty you earned/clicked on during the first video play through.
5) Watch them.
6) Repeat

In one of the extra vids you learn Edgar Wright has a mancrush on Chris Evans*.

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More Scott Pilgrim vs the World via The Internet. New Movie, Music, and Game Clips

Let’s begin.

New Movie Clip

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Tuesday Tease: Edgar Wright & Bryan Lee O’Malley VS Scott Pilgrim: The Soundtrack

The Playlist reviewed the Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack track by track.

Bryan Lee O’Malley gathered up Edgar Wright and talked a little about the music in the movie.

Frank Black: “I Heard Ramona Sing”
I actually had never heard the first Frank Black solo album when Edgar sent me this track, although I was a huge fan of “Teenager of the Year” and some of Black’s later countryish stuff (“Show Me Your Tears” in particular). So this is an Edgar pick. Point: Wright

Broken Social Scene: “Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl”
Broken Social Scene was sort of everywhere during the early 00s in Toronto. Every human I knew was a fan of Broken Social Scene. It was the age of “Broken Social Scene as air”. Anyway, I put this song on a list for Edgar at one point, so I think it’s technically my pick, but really, it’s everyone’s song. Point: O’Malley

For a complete breakdown on how the points between O’Malley and Wright were divvied up, check out

The soundtrack (from Abkco Records) will be in stores, on iTunes, etc, August 10th.

If you want our own Scott Pilgrim vs The Wolrd mix, created from the music in the national and international trailers, hop on over to our TagTuner: #scottpilgrimvstheworldmix.

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