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Saturday Afternoon Theater: GroBroPros SKYRIM 2012, Real Life as a MMORPG

We’ve a confession to make. Skyrim is our newest addiction. We’re on constant lookout for dragons dropping out of the blue or signs that that skeevy shop owner really will sell us his sister. It’s an addiction that’s hard to please as we don’t yet own that game.

The twins responsible for Grosjean Brothers Productions tapped into the Skyrim gaming phenomenon our sweet stress release and have made two great videos based on that game world.

We’re glad that the first video didn’t turn into a one-off video and we look forward to more in this series.

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Saturday Afternoon Theater: BRINGING GODZILLA DOWN TO SIZE: The Art of Japanese Special Effects

By chance we scanned a tweet from @wildgrounds sharing a link to the documentary BRINGING GODZILLA DOWN TO SIZE: The Art of Japanese Special Effects(2008). This is a documentary interviewing the actors, special effects artists, directors and the like about the insane popularity of the Godzilla franchise and why, after all these years, the king of all monsters who still stomps about Tokyo the the 21st century remains a man in a rubber suit.

Watch the documentary below the cut.

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Saturday Afternoon Theater: COWBOYS & FREDDIEW (Featuring Jon Favreau)

By now you savvy filmmakers and/or COWBOYS & ALIENS fans have seen this.

Jon Favreau contacted us and gave us resources and full creative freedom to make a video about Cowboys and Aliens! This is what we came up with!

Internet filmmakers Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch are the toast of their You tube page with(as of this writing) 2,804,498 views on their COWBOYS & FREDDIEW short.

Official Site: & & Reddit
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Saturday Afternoon Theater: THAT MOVIE SHOW: THE MOVIE, Feature Length for Your Pleasure

Official Synopsis

That Movie Show – The Feature Length Version (1 hour, 45 minutes)
This video collects all 20 episodes of “That Movie Show” which was produced for MTV Networks’ site: This is the same re-edited & uncensored version that played on the big screen in Los Angeles on June 7th.

Why We’re Watching: Our affection for Bobby Miller’s off-beat comedy style began in 2009 when he was a part of Indy Mogul. Back then he was running a short film review show called THE BEST SHORT FILMS IN THE WORLD. In case you missed it, here’s where we covered that on our Bits.

Not too long after that, THE REEL GOOD SHOW appeared with the same quirky style. This time the focus was not burgeoning short films. This time Miller was the host of a comedy show that interviewed the short filmmakers in the most offbeat manner possible.It’s like Zach Galifinakis’ BETWEEN TWO FERNS only funny and two years ahead of that Funny or Die darling.

MTV sounded the siren call and beckoned young Bobby Miller to go west and develop web series content for their movie site Next Here THAT MOVIE SHOW was born to interview more filmmaker celebrities and promote upcoming movies in Miller’s own unique style. Sadly the new show was put to rest after two seasons. unsadly, Miller and company re-edited the footage into a feature length and uncensored film.

We’re definitely looking forward to what @BobbyMiller and his new Hollywood peeps fire into the unsuspecting Internets.
Official site

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Saturday Afternoon Moment of Who: Paul Johnson’s Anime Doctor Who is Finished!

Otaking aka Paul Johnson has finished his anime Dr Who project. We followed this project for three years now. It’s been worth the wait.

Drop below the cut for the 13 minute trailer experience.
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Saturday Afternoon Theater: PRECISION, “You pulled your gun in public…”

Official Synopsis

This 5 minute film was conceived, written, shot, scored and edited in only 48 hours.

We had three constraints. The title, a particular prop and a single line of dialogue. Everything else is up for grabs…

Through making PRECISION we got to meet Merica Adams.

Now it’s your turn…

What We Learned:
This short film was written by SLINGERS(remember that?) creator Mike Sizemore. It was directed by Andrew James Sykes. As the official synopsis above indicates the entire 5 minute short was completed in two days. TWO DAYS. Just imagine what could be done with SLINGERS(that’s been in the works for two years now.)

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Saturday Afternoon Theater: NASA Tweetup with Cmdr. Doug “Wheels” Wheelock, “We Were Hanging on the Ragged Edge”

Astronaut and Expedition 25 Commander Doug “Wheels” Wheelock was the honored guest at a Tweetup held at NASA Headquarters on Mar. 16. More than 90 “Tweeps,” or users of the social medium Twitter, were on hand to see Wheelock’s presentation of his recent five-month-plus stay aboard the International Space Station.

We nerded-out hard on this. After scanning through You Tube subscriptions on the Droid X we came upon this tweet-up event with Commander @Astro_Wheels . We booted it up. Not thinking it’d be a long watch. After 30 minutes later we were still watching. Still entranced.

There’s a point when Commander Wheelock is talking about being on a dying spacecraft, the ISS, last summer and he mentions being on “the ragged edge.”

We dare you not to see him going Capt Mal Reynolds on the space station.

Now this video event is not as polished as a Reid Gower production. It’s clunky. It’s raw. And more important, it’s real. These are real people living and working in space just like the 1950s promised we all would be doing.

The future is here. The future is now and only a select few are experiencing space for a few months at a time. This is not what the idealist 1950s taught would happen. But it is the future they dreamed…sort of.

Also, apparently @Astro_Wheels became good friends with the lead singer of Five For Fighting through the unforeseen phenomenon and international communications device Twitter.

Commander Wheelock also talks about his early trepidations on using twitter and his eventual love of the service. He eventually learned that this simple social device was the platform on which he could communicate with the world stage. Taking with like-minded individuals worldwide and keeping the future space dream alive. Twitter has become how we talk to ourselves in the heavens.

The Future moves in strange ways.
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Absolutely nothing we say will prepare you for this.

Just jump right in.

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Saturday Afternoon Theater: “The Open Road Still Softly Calls” 3 Videos on Space Exploration & Wonder.

Gathered here are three videos on the wonders of space exploration. The two below are short films. The video below the jump is the 30 years of the Space Shuttle commemorative film documenting shuttle launches.

Reid Gower’s: NASA – The Frontier Is Everywhere
A man, frustrated with NASA’s poor publicity skills, creates kick-ass video of his own.

With crazy credit to Michael Marantz.

MAVEN Mission to Investigate How Sun Steals Martian Atmosphere

NASA release October 5, 2010

The Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission (MAVEN), set to launch in 2013, will explore the planet’s upper atmosphere, ionosphere and interactions with the sun and solar wind. Bruce Jakosky, MAVEN’s Principal Investigator discusses the mission.

Credit: NASA/Goddard/Chris Smith

Freefall below the cut for the main event:

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Saturday Christmas Theater: THE INN KEEPER, “Do You Have a Special Baby Inside You?”

We won’t lie. This post is coming to you while we’re stuffing our face with ham, peas, potato salad and the like. This is for those of you who need to step away from the family for a bit. Check out “True Blood’s” Sam Trammell as the questionable inn keeper that put up a pregnant family for the night.

via funny or die

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