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Good Morning, Robots+Swords+Dinosaurs. The Battle Continues…

Last week, Nomad Tofu cartoonist Harry Myland ran a Stream Monster Ustream. We were lucky enough to witness the event and suggest a sketch for tonight.

HARRY: What should I draw?

GROONK: A robot riding a dinosaur!

And then he made this happen.

And then we were very pleased.

via Harry Myland IV

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Tuesday Tease: Zack Snyder’s SUCKER PUNCH is Another Tale for Alice, Awesome

Official Synopsis

Alice in Wonderland’ with machine guns

What We Learned:
Several lovely young girls are trapped by an evil boss of some kind and debate the best way to escape, BUT THEN THERE WERE ROBOTS SAMURAI DRAGONS.

Why We’re Gonna Watch:
Zack Snyder‘s got a good track record in our book. Dawn of the Dead, 300, and, yes, Watchmen are enjoyable and re-watchable.

When’s it coming?
March 2011

Official site:
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