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Tuesday Tease: The New MAD MEN Season 5 Promo Poster is In, Don Draper Ogles a Naked Mannequin

The Mad Men minimalist teaser poster made the rounds mid January 2012.

Now we have this “nonverbal representation” to whet our appetites until Mad Men returns to our collective TVs. Series creator Matthew Weiner had this to say about the image in the New York Times.

“This is a dreamlike image,” Mr. Weiner said, likening it to work of the Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico, who specialized in surreal, mannequin-like figures.

The image is “a nonverbal representation of where my head is at and where the show will be,” Mr. Weiner said.

“By the end of the season,” he said, “I guarantee you’ll know what it is about.”

A “nonverbal representation” eh? We see the glorious previous 4 seasons of Mad Men, a show about high-powered, fast tallking advertising executives in 1960s New York City, was not a fluke.

Official site:

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One-Sheet Wonder: Posters from DARK KNIGHT RISES and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Darker Shades of Black&White

Presented for your approval, new movie one sheets of the big movies based off of comic books in 2012.
1) Bane has broken justice.

The official DARK KNIGHT RISES site went online and dropped some awesome on the Internet.

via Geek tyrant

2) Peter Parker plays with shadows
We did our best to find a poster not violated by a watermark. Our best wasn’t good enough.

via geek tyrant
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Art-Out Moment: 2010 Scott Pilgrim Box Set Poster Animated for Your Enjoyment

As you may know, we love it when talented artists share their process on the Internets. Bryan Lee O’Malley animated his process creating the cover for the Scott Pilgrim comics box set 2010. He walked through the process the old fashioned way in the post before.

via radio maru: 1, 2

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Track the Phases of the Moon in 2011 with “Calendário Lunar”

We see this calendar by

We like what we see.

We can’t seem to find out how to buy it.

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Whomever Gazes Upon this Poster will have All the Powers of The Mighty Thor…

…At least, that is what a lot of the other movie sites would have you believe.

We do think it is a striking character poster for the upcoming Marvel movie. But take away the famed hammer Mjolnir and Chris Hemsworth could just as easily be slightly armored Superman.


Sorry Marvel. didn’t mean to invoke the competition.

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First Trailer for SPACE PIRATE CAPTAIN HARLOCK Hits Internet, Makes Life Worth Living

Official Synopsis

In the future, Mankind has achieved a vast starfaring civilization, but is slowly and steadily succumbing to ennui or despair, often due to defeat and subjugation by a foreign invader. Rising against the general apathy, Harlock denies defeat and leads an outlaw crew aboard his starship Arcadia to undertake daring raids against Earth’s oppressors.

What We Learned:
CG animated skull adorned space pirate ships look kinda sexy. This is what all future space battles should strive to beat. The Most Common Superpower is effective as ever.

Hats off to the sneaky 2010 Tokyo International Anime Fair attendee who captured this pilot trailer and… um… pirated uploaded to all the Internet in order to show how cool he is glorify the awesomeness of this coming movie.

Why We’re Gonna Watch:
We have not seen a full episode or read the manga to Space Pirate Captain Harlock.Having admitted this, we do know the importance of creator , and anime legend, Leiji Matsumoto‘s work. Some of you causal anime fans, and brazen Daft Punk fans, might notice the animation style looking a bit familiar. Maybe you should check out the Wikipedia article for the music movie Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem.

For future reference, we rate the excitement level for the Harlock movie two points above the Space Battleship Yamato movie.

Yes, this looks that wonderful.

When’s it coming?
2012 is the best date we can scrounge up.

Official site:
All we have for now is the Wikipedia site.

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Today in Star Wars: Danny Haas Celebrates 30 Years of Empire Strikes Back with Boba Fett

Look! It’s Boba Fett while Boba Fett was cool!

via gfest, danny haas

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One-Sheet Wonder: Shut Up. KICK-ASS. Look at New Poster.

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Vintage Ad Exposure or What Others Call Monday – Friday

Revisiting my vintage ad explorations.


(via weirdomatic, wedocreative friendfeed)

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Today’s Visual Feast: Re-advertising the Old

Big Trouble in Little China did awesome things to the action/fantasy/kung fu/silly centers of my then 13 year old brain. I regret that I have not seen its like since.

This is part of a series of posters released somewhere in Austin when they’re doing stuff. More exact info on what I’m not saying can be found here.

(via 2000 watts, the popcorn cult)

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