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Focus Overload ‘The Bests’ 2011: All at Once. All for You: Movies Edition

We were not able to attend every movie release in 2011. A fault of our not having the cash to make that happen. If any kindly geek movie review blog would like to change that…drop us a DM at @groonk.


Now that the shameless plugging is over, check out the small group of ‘best of’ lists and trailer mashups we found interesting. First up is a 2011 movie mashup by SleepySkunk.

SleepySkunk’s 2011 Movie Trailer Mashup
SleepySkunk was kind enough to provide a list of the movies used in this epic 2011 trailer mashup of epicness.

Official site:

via geek tyrant

More movie knowledge below the cut.

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The Sunday Punch Overload: Mike Hawthorne Should Write Catwoman, Forever. And Other Untimely DC Relaunch Musings.

We’re pretty sure Mike Hawthorne should be involved with all future Catwoman adventures.

A handful of other comics speaking on this now dead matter lay below the cut.

via comic twart
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Focus: DC to Reboot their Superheroes August 31, Comics Internet Loses Its Shit

It’s the announcement that will stir fanboy comments for days. DC is rolling back the odometer on their entire line of superhero books to #1. To be honest, this move doesn’t affect us that much. In our opinion it is at once a ballsy and desperate move. A move needed to be made in comics publication and DC, apparently, was the one to do it. There can’t be anything wrong with bringing new readers to love the superheros books we loved reading as a kid, can there?

The bit of information that we found most interesting was the same-day digital distribution aka day-and-date. This basically means the digital book will release the same day as the printed book. This is a big deal, comics folks.

Make no mistake, this entire endeavor is focused on the digital market. DC isn’t dumb. They know print is dying. They know they have no chance at beating Marvel in the print market, as years and years of examples have proven. Rejuvenating the characters (literally) and providing a fresh start all across the line isn’t about a quick sales bump in the direct market; it isn’t about the direct market at all. It’s so that people logging into comiXology to check out these digital DC comics they’ve heard about don’t see an issue number in the 900s after Action Comics and throw up their hands.

It’s worth noting:

In an interview with USA Today, Dan DiDio stated that while roughly three-quarters of titles will see a creative team switch-up, one quarter — the books that are working — won’t be touched by the reboot.

Because despite what most ardent fanboys may think, DC is not completely stupid.

Comics Alliance writer David Uzumeri points out a possible roadblock in the same-day digital distribution angle that we hadn’t figured.

they’ll have essentially supplanted the Jell-O hand of the Comics Code Authority with the actual iron hand of Apple’s content restrictions. One of the theoretical benefits of digital distribution should be decreasing overhead time; by working through Apple, they’re just going to make things worse. It’s in the best interest of DC, comiXology and the entire industry to find a way to get around Steve Jobs and his draconian approval process — or establish some kind of partnership that will allow them a higher degree of creative autonomy.

As a company Apple has a right to handle their online store business as it sees fit. But all of us have the right not to be hindered by what Steve Jobs considers is moral and worthy of Apple distribution. Luckily, these days, we have a choice. The Android marketplace may be a bit wild but this is as it should be. Innovation comes from such wild places. Since ComiXology has an Android presence, we wonder if what may be slow to appear on the iPod/iPhone/iPad app will be instantly accessible on the Android app. Thus giving Android a slight advantage regarding DC’s new day-and-date policy.

DC’s Flashpoint may have far more overreaching effects than we first considered. Be sure to give Uzumeri’s Comics Alliance post a full read.

via USA Today: Comics :: Comics Alliance

More news under the cut.
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Focus: 2011 Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami

We’ve noted several articles, photographs and videos in the time since learning of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan last week. If you follow our Twitter(also noted to the right side of this Newsmine) you’ll get some of this information real-time.

Now here are the other links we’ve noted in the last few days.

Help Japan
Signalnoise created a Help Japan poster(which is now sold out) in order to raise money for disaster relief.

Canada: Text REDCROSS to 30333 to donate $10
USA: Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10
Ireland: Text REDCROSS to 57500 to donate €5

There is a Reuters article that suggests if you want to help Japan that you should focus your efforts on the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders or Save the Children.

We leave it to you to decide how best to contribute aid.

More photos, videos and articles under the cut.
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Mini-Overload of TRON: LEGACY Links that wouldn’t Fit Anywhere Else

“On Astronomy Minors”

The three laws of journalism are:

1) Inform the public of matters of public import.
2) Entertain the audience, when it does not interfere with the first law.
2) Sneak in puns when it does not interfere with the first two laws, unless it’s a really good one.

via three panel soul

Original Tron vs. New Tron

via imjustcreative

SoundWorks Collection: The Sound of TRON LEGACY

Flix Of Doom: Episode 25: ‘TRON: Legacy’ Special

Check out Episode 25 of the Flix of Doom podcast, the official movie podcast of Geeks of Doom, with hosts Empress Eve and Justin Vactor.

In this episode Justin is joined by friends of the show, FrankRamblings and Revision3’s Graham Hancock to talk all about Tron: Legacy!

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End of 2010 Movie Hat Trick: 2 Killer Movie Montages. 1 Sexy Year in Photos.

It’s the death throes of 2010 and we’ve gathered a few of the finer video and photographic tributes to its cinema.

Matt Shapiro’s 2010: The Cinescape
Video editor, Matt Shapiro, has compiled a stellar montage of all the films of 2010 set to “A Dustland Fairytale” by The Killers. It’s the visual equivalent to DJ Earworm’s yearly mashup ear-honey United State of Pop. The only thing left to wonder is how we’ve missed Mr Shapiro’s work for all these years?

via live for films

Filmography 2010: 270 Movies in 6 Minutes
A few weeks ago Slashfilm featured a more complete 2010 movie montage from video editor Gen I.

The list of music used and movies featured begins below the cut.
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The @OldSpice Guy( @IsaiahMustafa ) Wants to Be Luke Cage. @Marvel, Make This Happen.

It appears Isaiah Mustafa is hitting critical mass. His hilarious, energy infused, Old Spice commercials has gathered enough fans that Old Spice, the company, continued the series.

We began this Mustafa post a few months ago. This was the first time his commercial gained popularity. Over the months we’ve gathered more information on the commercial and the man himself. It is time, faithful reader, for another post overload.

The Isaiah Mustafa Campaign to Be Luke Cage
Traveling cartoonist, Ryan Estrada, tweeted and drew this to Mustafa yesterday.

Marvel Studios, consider the following a casting reel for Mustafa as Luke Cage.

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Overload: A Study in LOST, “Keep the Darkness Where it Belongs”

What began as a small kinetic typography post has grown into a reservoir of LOST on the Internet. here it is. An overload of all things LOST we’ve come across in recent months. Will these things fade into irrelevancy after the show is done?

Only time, and how the finale plays out this Sunday, will tell.

LOST overload after the jump.

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