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One-Sheet Wonder: Posters from DARK KNIGHT RISES and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Darker Shades of Black&White

Presented for your approval, new movie one sheets of the big movies based off of comic books in 2012.
1) Bane has broken justice.

The official DARK KNIGHT RISES site went online and dropped some awesome on the Internet.

via Geek tyrant

2) Peter Parker plays with shadows
We did our best to find a poster not violated by a watermark. Our best wasn’t good enough.

via geek tyrant
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One-Sheet Wonder: Chris Nolan’s Batman has a Design Scheme, Well Planned

Rob Sheridan points out that Chris Nolan’s Batman has a design scheme of legend.

via Rob Sheridan

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Moment of…Fright: David Tennant Finally gets some Recognition for Being in FRIGHT NIGHT

This re-make of the classic 1980s FRIGHT NIGHT character poster makes it into the Moment of Who files by the shear audacity of David Tennant(known to this generation of Whovians as the 10th Doctor) dresssed like a fan cosplay mashup gone terribly goth.

Don’t get us wrong. The main reason we’re watching this movie is to support David Tennant breaking into Hollywood and getting more big screen roles. We’re fine with this movie’s updated sense using Tennant to jack douchebag Cris Angel’s swagger. The rest of the poster, however, gives us pause.

But this tag line: “He’s raising the stakes.” Are you serious with that? And either he has a serious blood-in-urine problem or someone needs to dial down on using thathandy blood splatter tutorial they found on Internet.

All snark aside, you canv iew the rest of the character posters over on Geeks of Doom.

via geeks of doom

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One-Sheet Wonder: New CONAN Motion Poster, On a Hill of Skulls He Stands

Below the jump we’ve listed the new CONAN THE BARBARIAN motion poster. We like the idea of these new motion posters. We just hate it when they autoplay at speaker blowing levels.

When’s it coming?
August 19, 2011
Official site:
We find no official site as of yet. That’s a bit bad form this late in the game.
Update: Thanks to an alert reader, we now have the official site:
We’ll keep the Wiki link up for good measure.
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One-Sheet Wonder: Tom Whalen’s PAUL Poster. Dramatic, Inviting, Friendly

Many thanks to Tom Whalen for making Paul not look like the hideous alien thing we’ve seen in all the trailers for PAUL. Either we’re getting old and fear-monger-y or we’ve been corrupted by the Disneyfacation of alien folk.

Still can’t wait to see this movie.

via collider, whatispaul, strong stuff

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Chris Evans CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER Teaser Poster Released, One Step Closer to Assembly

Jumping on today’s posting bandwagon.

We gotta say that Chris Evans is more Steve Rogers than we ever figured he would be.

via the daily blam

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Whomever Gazes Upon this Poster will have All the Powers of The Mighty Thor…

…At least, that is what a lot of the other movie sites would have you believe.

We do think it is a striking character poster for the upcoming Marvel movie. But take away the famed hammer Mjolnir and Chris Hemsworth could just as easily be slightly armored Superman.


Sorry Marvel. didn’t mean to invoke the competition.

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Tuesday Tease: Official PAUL Teaser Poster is Here! Titular Alien Still Creepy.

Despite our opinion of Paul’s freaky greenish alien carapace, we’re still in the future line for this flick.

Just try and stop us.

via firstshowing

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Tuesday Tease: The Coen Brothers to Release TRUE GRIT, The Dude *is* Rooster Cogburn

Official Synopsis

Mattie Ross, a 14-year-old girl, undertakes a quest to avenge her father’s death at the hands of a drifter named Tom Chaney. Ross persuades an alcoholic marshal named Rooster Cogburn to join her in tracking down Chaney.

What We Learned: You can never go wrong with simple revenge tales. We thought Josh Brolin would shy away from anything reminding of that Jonah Hex movie attempt last spring. Johnny Cash enhances any western movie experience.

Why We’ll Watch: This is how TRUE GRIT should have been done… is what we’d like to say. The sad truth is we’ve not seen John Wayne’s version of TRUE GRIT. The main reason to watch this is The Dude as Rooster Cogburn as directed by the Brothers Coen.

When’s it coming?
December 25, 2010.

Official site:

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Daft Punk TRON LEGACY Teaser Poster Released, Will Glow in the Dark.

It is not our intention keep you all in the dark, but since the exclusive Tron Legacy Poster with Daft Punk will glow in the dark, our system has decided to only partially reveal it for now.

Please note, due to a recent system conflict, the Tron Legacy Soundtrack release date has been moved to December 7th.

via @live for films

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