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Nuclear Detonation Timeline 1945-1998. That’s 2053 Nuclear Tests All Over the World

Here you have your basic Nuclear Detonation timeline from recognized “Nuclear Weapon States.”

As the video starts out detonations are few and far between. The first three detonations represent the Manhattan Project and the two bombs that ended World War II. After a few representative minutes the USSR and Britain enter the nuclear club and the testing really starts to heat up.

Even though the video does not differentiate between sub-critical “safety” tests and full detonations, you get a good idea of the fever of the nuclear arms race.

Sleep well.

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63 Years Ago Ken Bainbridge Summed Up Everything

63 years ago today, the United States detonated the first atomic bomb at Trinity.

There he prepared and directed a facility for the first explosion of a nuclear bomb, the “Trinity Test.” Following the fearsomely successful explosion early in the morning of July 16, 1945, he congratulated J. Robert Oppenheimer and the others, then made his legendary remark, “Now we are all sons of bitches.” Oppenheimer later remarked that this was the best thing anyone had said just after the test. Ken subsequently was deeply dedicated to the control of nuclear weapons.

(via matt fraction’s twitter, wired, harvard university gazette)

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