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One-Sheet Wonder: Posters from DARK KNIGHT RISES and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Darker Shades of Black&White

Presented for your approval, new movie one sheets of the big movies based off of comic books in 2012.
1) Bane has broken justice.

The official DARK KNIGHT RISES site went online and dropped some awesome on the Internet.

via Geek tyrant

2) Peter Parker plays with shadows
We did our best to find a poster not violated by a watermark. Our best wasn’t good enough.

via geek tyrant
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SCOTT PILGRIM 3D Poster Goes Live, Invites You to Epicness.

If you haven’t caught the hint, we expect you to be watching a certain film this weekend *cough*Scott Pilgrim vs. The World *cough*cough*.

We expect you to watch it en masse.

via collider, @vactor

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