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The Sunday Punch: The Batman Equation, The Math of Vengeance

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Exploring the Pitagora Suicchi

The fine folks at Dattebayo piqued my curiosity. Instead of blindly grabbing it, I did an interwub search and discovered others were equally piqued. In doing this I discovered what was this mysterious Pythagoras Switch:

Update 4/14/2011: The You Tube of this is long gone. Thank Zod for Google Video.

math making NINJAS await you inside!

It’s dreadfully cute, if you like fan-subbed japanese kid science shows. The rube goldberg devices at the beginning, and during the middle of the above, are charming as all hell.

That algorithm march in the above amuses the piss outta me. There are few things in this world that aren’t enhanced by adding ninjas. I dare you not to get that march song in your head

I double dare ya.

And the little square dog made me smile.

The less amusing Part 1 is after the jump.

(via dattebayo)

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