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Overload: A Study in LOST, “Keep the Darkness Where it Belongs”

What began as a small kinetic typography post has grown into a reservoir of LOST on the Internet. here it is. An overload of all things LOST we’ve come across in recent months. Will these things fade into irrelevancy after the show is done?

Only time, and how the finale plays out this Sunday, will tell.

LOST overload after the jump.

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Mapping Out the Fiction-verse

Austin Kleon wrote in may about the useful application of fictional places being mapped out. World-building: it’s not just for fantasy and sci-fi writers anymore.

My undergrad thesis argued that world-building wasn’t just for fantasy and sci-fi writers—every tale has a setting, every tale creates a world in the reader’s mind—and it explored ways that drawing that world (visual thinking!) can lead to better fiction.

Some of my favorite “lit’ry” books are accompanied by maps.

For those, like me, who forgot my previous post on maps(Hello Mongo) I re-introduce the Strange Maps blog.

(via austin kleon)

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