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Watch: Animated Movie Title Squences of 2010

MONOmoda’s made a list of the best animated title sequences in movies and television. Their list covers the most interesting titles of the aughts. We chose the opening themes of 2010 as the main focus and posted them here.

Good Omens
Steven Wood not only created a wonderful idea for how the movie ending to Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s book Good Omens, he cast the director(Edgar Wright), principal players (Simon Pegg, Peter Serafinowicz), and production crew. This bit is entirely fictional, of course. in fact, it’s borderline fan wank territory.

But even we have to agree casting Good Omens as Wood envisioned would be a good pull.

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Wherein Stephen Fry Puts Pedants in Their Place and We Love Him for It

“Do they ever yoke impossible words together for the sound-sex of it?” –Stephen Fry

We don’t believe they do, Mr Fry. Our knowledge of the execution of the written word is strong but not entirely kingly. We know there are places we could do better in being more “grammatically correct.” But, more often than not, we damn those ways in order to find new ways.

We are not immune to pedantic qualities that live inside. We typically try to limit the chastising to our own incorrect usage.

But now, most importantly, when friends turn up their noses and snidely accuse us of killing the English language, we no longer choose to smile and ignore their immovable imaginations.

Now we will simply state, ‘Stephen Fry says you can kindly ‘fuck off’ with that.’

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#MusicMonday: “F**K You,” Ceelo Sings it Like it Is.

We dare you to name a man or woman that hasn’t had this song in their heart at one time or another in their life.

Uncensored and NSFW kinetic typography music video under the cut.

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Tuesday Tease: WEEDS and MAD MEN Returning to TV, Bring Posters to Build Hype

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Overload: A Study in LOST, “Keep the Darkness Where it Belongs”

What began as a small kinetic typography post has grown into a reservoir of LOST on the Internet. here it is. An overload of all things LOST we’ve come across in recent months. Will these things fade into irrelevancy after the show is done?

Only time, and how the finale plays out this Sunday, will tell.

LOST overload after the jump.

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Spider Jerusalem’s Monoculture Rant in “Talking Text”

Done for some graphics design class that’s apparently very popular.

I know I’d like to take it.

(via warren ellis, texty youtube)

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