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Remake/Remodel Watch: Coming Soon on HBO, Aquaman!

Let’s face it, we’re gonna need something stellar to wash the taste of ENTOURAGE out of our brains. GAME OF THRONES is one helluva good start, that’s for sure. Why not get ahead of the game on good TV? Sorry, we meant HBO.*


Design a publicity poster for an adaptation of the DC Comics property AQUAMAN — for HBO. HBO is the home of DEADWOOD, THE WIRE, THE SOPRANOS, ROME, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, you know the score… and therefore you know their stable of showrunners, people like David Simon and David Milch… and the sort of material they do.

The HBO version of AQUAMAN.

We jumped in on the ground floor of this challenge. Paul Sizer has yet to throw his weighty pen around the forum. Be sure to revisit all this week for more submissions.

Pia Guerra made a beautiful statement with few words:

Always remember, Remake/Remodels are meant to be wild reinterpretations of beloved, or silly, characters.
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Tuesday Tease: First 14 Minutes of Games of Thrones

Official Synopsis

Kings, queens, knights and renegades use schemes and swords to battle for the throne.

What We Learned:
There’s something not right in the woods near The Wall. The laws in Winterfell are unbending. Sean Bean remains epic.

Why We’ll Watch:
Let’s get this out there now. We know very little of the George R. R. Martin series of books this HBO series has adapted. Many of our friends have said fine things about the fantasy novels. We just haven’t made the time to get into them. The HBO series was a passing curiosity at most. Now that we’ve seen the 14 minute teaser, our interest in the series has risen considerably.

When’s it coming?
April 17, 2011 on HBO.

Official site:

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