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The Sunday Punch: The Batman Islam Wars

We remain out of touch with the current goings on of mainstream superhero comics. But because of the so called “Batman Islam Wars,” we took a momentary interest in what the rest of Comics Internet is nerd raging about now.

It seems that Batman is back from the dead and has decided to create a global army of Batmen.

From what we can tell, Nightrunner has become somewhat of a ‘racist detector,’ to borrow Senor Chang‘s phrasing. Some right wing bloggers are saying Nightrunner is political correctness run amok. All of this hoo ha just because the French Batman is Muslim reminds of the similar hoo ha when Internet championed Donald Glover as the new Peter Parker in the Spider-Man movie reboot. Oh the things we read on comics websites comments that day. Apparently, the 21st century is not as advanced in thought as we’d like to think it is.

Anyway, Nightrunner’s DC Wikia page is deleted/empty. And we’re finding it difficult to track down any mention of the character on the other Wiki.

Nightrunner‘s creator David Hine spoke on BBC World Service Europe Today.

Well not only have I not been indoctrinated, I have no intention of indoctrining anyone else. What we’re doing is writing a series of stories about Batman going worldwide . It’s becoming a global franchise, so we’re going to have a Batman in France, we’re going to have a Batman in Argentina, in Africa. It was my task to come up with a story set in Paris. and I wanted something new, something a little bit different… The Batman heroes are not super powered they are people who have natural athletic abilities, and for me a parkour runner was the obvious choice. Parkour runners in Paris tend to be from ethnic minorities

Parkour runners are free runners who race across rooftops, I think it was one of the James Bond films featured one of these guys, it’s absolutely perfect for what we’re doing…

I don’t think any super hero comic has ever laid claim to absolute realism. I think what we have done is created a character who has a very credible background. We have fantastic stories because we have a shape-shifting evil creature called the Corrigan. You know, this is fun, this is entertainment, and at the same time we have created a character who I think will be very very interesting.

He happens to be a muslim, as most French Algerian are. There are a million Algerians in France and most… every Algerian who is born in France is a French citizen, this is not a question of whether he, or not, is French.

More clips from that interview are on Bleeding Cool.

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