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Tumblr Watch: Spock is Not Impressed

What Is It?: We were scanning our G+ stream before bedtime when we found this via +Chris Pirillo. +Sean Bonner has created your new meme, people. From what we’ve learned, submissions are pouring in. Fire up your image editing devices and get to contributing!

Where Is It?:

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Moment of Who: Texts from the TARDIS & The Hub & The Sexy TARDIS

Not one. Not two. But three. Three Doctor Who related Tumblrs. Two of them take advantage of the “Texts from ___” meme that we’ve been missing out on. Texts from Pawnee, you’re next on our Tumblr Watch list.

They also harken to fumetti or photonovels, if you will. Photonovels use stills from film or television along with narrative text or word balloons to tell a story. So yeah. Comics!

The odd lady out on this list is the Sexy TARDIS Tumblr. It takes advantage of the much loved(by us anyway) Neil Gaiman written Dr Who episode that aired this year, “The Doctor’s Wife.”

Texts from the TARDIS

What Is It?: Screen caps from all of current Doctor Who series were merged with Texts from last Night. Hilarity ensues. Sexy hilarity.

Where Is It?:

Texts from The Hub

What Is It?: Some avid TORCHWOOD fan(this remains hard for us to believe those really exist) took Texts From last Night and applied them to scans from the DOCTOR WHO spinoff TORCHWOOD for comedic effect. We gotta say this is the funnest that show has ever been. This includes all the unintentional laughs. But it does not include the “Children of Earth” miniseries which we found quite enjoyable.

Where Is It?:


What Is It?: As we mentioned above, Neil Gaiman wrote an episode for the 11th Doctor called “The Doctor’s Wife.” In that gem of television we learn that The Doctor calls the TARDIS sexy when they are alone. Fandom has latched on to this idea with gusto and ran with it. The SexyTARDIS- Tumblr is all about “Sexy” doing its damnedest to take you home for the night. If you know what we mean. Basically it’s inside Who jokes nerds tell themselves during that game of D&D on a Friday night.(This fits us to a ‘t’ only the games are on a Sunday night.)

Where Is It?:

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Badger Meme Goes Dubstep, “Guess I got My Badger Back “


It’s what the kids are doing these days. Or maybe they were doing it every day and we just didn’t pay attention. Who knows?

It was only a matter of time before the best Internet memetic mutation of all time got dubstepped.

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Good Morning, Whiskey. Just in Time for Monday.


via Wil Wheaton

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Today in Star Wars: The Unavoidable Mashup, Sheen vs. Vader.

Recently, we told @BobbyMiller (whom you all should be backing on getting Charlie Sheen to appear on his wonderful web series That Movie Show #learntobewinning) that there would be no more acknowledgement of Mr Sheen’s engineered insanity from our personal aspect or this site.

This is what we said. But it is a rule we must break for Internet is clever. It’s always ready to attack you from the middle.

Isn’t it strange how Sheen’s rant doesn’t stray far from a Card Carrying Supervillain monologue?

via god’s loving heart

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Good Morning, Tiger Blooded Winning Warlocks. Charlie Sheen had Some Words for You

Charlie Sheen has done his best to capture all the attention from the true world changing events of late. We did our best to ignore his noise. And our avoidance success rate was pretty high until some Internet engineer drew up this single serving site:

A few choice Twitter snarks and a LATimes Charlie Sheen Dictionary post later and we were wrapped up in the uninspired downward cycle of yet another celebrity falling, falling, falling to the ground where the rest of us morlocks have to live every day. And what a delicious feast the MaSheen is providing our recession-addled brains.

Quickly, check out the rest of what we lazily gathered on The Warlock’s relapse of drug-fueled inanity below the cut before the MaSheen returns to irrelevancy.

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The Sunday Punch: Batman vs. The Internet, LOLs Ensue

Thank you, College Humor.

Unlike the Internet at large, we always believed there was humor in you.

We dropped another favorite of the entire bunch under the cut.

Visit College Humor for them all.
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Thank You, Internet: Summing Up What’s Going on in Egypt

News sources:
Mapping Egypt’s ‘day of wrath’
Anger in Egypt Spotlight
Egypt cracks down on mass protests as Mubarak dissolves government

via @shawnjdouglas

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Auto-Tune the News Auto-Tunes a Huntsville’s Own Internet Sensation, Antoine Dodson

We have no words.

No words on why it took this long to notice the story.

No words on why this auto-tuned news bit is catchy as hell. Which is more than a little weird considering the situation that bore this meme.

Antoine Dodson‘s reaction to his new internet fame under the cut.
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Thank You, Internet: BP Photoshops are All the Rage

People are photoshopping the BP command and control.

Check out a few:

via @amboy00

via @bpglobalpr

all via #BPphotoshop

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