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Music Break: OK Go’s “Needing/Getting” Making Beautiful Music with a Chevy Sonic.

OK Go is at it again with another fun music video. Do you remember when music videos were fun 80% of the time? We bet it was during the same time MTV actually played music videos.

Here we have their video “Needing/Getting.” This time OK Go’s sponsor in their musical journey is Chevy Sonic.

OK Go set up over 1000 instruments over two miles of desert outside Los Angeles. A Chevy Sonic was outfitted with retractable pneumatic arms designed to play the instruments, and the band recorded this version of Needing/Getting, singing as they played the instrument array with the car. The video took 4 months of preparation and 4 days of shooting and recording. There are no ringers or stand-ins; Damian took stunt driving lessons. Each piano had the lowest octaves tuned to the same note so that they’d play the right note no matter where they were struck.

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Remake/Remodel Watch: Coming Soon on HBO, Aquaman!

Let’s face it, we’re gonna need something stellar to wash the taste of ENTOURAGE out of our brains. GAME OF THRONES is one helluva good start, that’s for sure. Why not get ahead of the game on good TV? Sorry, we meant HBO.*


Design a publicity poster for an adaptation of the DC Comics property AQUAMAN — for HBO. HBO is the home of DEADWOOD, THE WIRE, THE SOPRANOS, ROME, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, you know the score… and therefore you know their stable of showrunners, people like David Simon and David Milch… and the sort of material they do.

The HBO version of AQUAMAN.

We jumped in on the ground floor of this challenge. Paul Sizer has yet to throw his weighty pen around the forum. Be sure to revisit all this week for more submissions.

Pia Guerra made a beautiful statement with few words:

Always remember, Remake/Remodels are meant to be wild reinterpretations of beloved, or silly, characters.
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AMERICAN PICKERS Inspires 62 Year-Old Man to Build Car that Runs on Whiskey, Prefers Maker’s Mark

He ran a snarky crew off his property then proceeded to build a car powered by liquid awesome. Mr Nilsson, you are our hero of the week.

1) First you have the idea.

The idea of doing something with an old still came to him last October, after he had some unusual visitors. The cast of a TV show, American Pickers, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, came to try and purchase some of his items for the show. While they did manager to grab an older oil can from Mr. Nilsson, after making a disparaging crack about the use of his still, they were gently encouraged to leave his property, with the help of a fire arm. After a hasty retreat by the crew, Mr. Nilsson began to think about what he could do with that old still.

2) Then you do something about it.

The visit did motivate Nilsson. “After I’d run them off, I kept thinking about what they kept saying to me, ‘what are you going to do with all this stuff, you might as well sell it to us’. Well that left me pondering. Folks around these parts do a lot of pondering, so it wasn’t really nothing new for me as I ponder about something almost everyday. But this time my pondering gave me an idea, watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.”

Inspired and motivated by the film, Nilsson spent the next 6 months, in his workshop turning his one-time still and collection of junk into a whiskey sipping motor vehicle. “The car will run on almost any bourbon, but she really purrs on Maker’s Mark” said Nilsson.

The Daily Blam reports that Nissan has made a deal with Nilsson to make a consumer version of the car to be released into the wild in 2014.

Ah, the power of ingenuity.

Now. We need an idea.

via physorg, The Daily Load

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Saturday Afternoon Theater: NASA Tweetup with Cmdr. Doug “Wheels” Wheelock, “We Were Hanging on the Ragged Edge”

Astronaut and Expedition 25 Commander Doug “Wheels” Wheelock was the honored guest at a Tweetup held at NASA Headquarters on Mar. 16. More than 90 “Tweeps,” or users of the social medium Twitter, were on hand to see Wheelock’s presentation of his recent five-month-plus stay aboard the International Space Station.

We nerded-out hard on this. After scanning through You Tube subscriptions on the Droid X we came upon this tweet-up event with Commander @Astro_Wheels . We booted it up. Not thinking it’d be a long watch. After 30 minutes later we were still watching. Still entranced.

There’s a point when Commander Wheelock is talking about being on a dying spacecraft, the ISS, last summer and he mentions being on “the ragged edge.”

We dare you not to see him going Capt Mal Reynolds on the space station.

Now this video event is not as polished as a Reid Gower production. It’s clunky. It’s raw. And more important, it’s real. These are real people living and working in space just like the 1950s promised we all would be doing.

The future is here. The future is now and only a select few are experiencing space for a few months at a time. This is not what the idealist 1950s taught would happen. But it is the future they dreamed…sort of.

Also, apparently @Astro_Wheels became good friends with the lead singer of Five For Fighting through the unforeseen phenomenon and international communications device Twitter.

Commander Wheelock also talks about his early trepidations on using twitter and his eventual love of the service. He eventually learned that this simple social device was the platform on which he could communicate with the world stage. Taking with like-minded individuals worldwide and keeping the future space dream alive. Twitter has become how we talk to ourselves in the heavens.

The Future moves in strange ways.
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The Sunday Punch, 2nd Strike: A Brief Study in Batman, 4 Creative Uses for The Dark Knight

Hey Oscar Wilde’s Tumblr art collection ranges far and wide. Of course, it includes many instances of Batman. here are four creative uses for the owner of vengeance and the night, BATMAN.

In no particular order.

1) How to Draw Batman

How to Draw Batman by Carmine Infantino. Scanned from Limited Collectors’ Edition: Batman (DC Comics/1974)

2) Costume Study of batman by Paul Pope
Genius artist Paul Pope broke down the masked revenger into his basic bits, according to Paul Pope.

Costume study of Batman by artist [Paul Pope].

Scanned from the Batman:Year 100 collection (DC Comics/2007).

3) Secrets of the Batcave
Ever wonder what was going on under stately Wayne Manor? Wonder no more.

Secrets of the Batcave by artist [Frank Springer].

Taken from Batman Collectors Edition (National Periodical Publication/1975). Originally presented in Batman #203 circa 1968.

Thanks to [] for the artist/publishing history information.

4) Batman Diorama

Neal Adams drawn Batman desktop diorama. The click through version of this image has been optimized to be printed on 8 1/2’ by 11’ card stock paper and then assembled. Scanned from Limited Collectors’ Edition: Batman (DC Comics/1974)

Note: CLicking the imag ehere leads you to Hey Oscar Wilde which then leads you to the main image. Sorry about that. We are careful on what full-sized images we allow on this site.

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Today in Star Wars: Jon Wollack’s THIS. IS. MANDALORE!

We tracked the source of this mad mashup to The Dented Helmet. And what is The Dented Helmet? Why it’s your definitive resource for creating your own perfect Boba Fett costume.

The current graphics project we’ve been working on has been giving us troubles. That makes his find as helpful as it is awesome.

The artist was a fellow named Jon Wollack of Almost Dark Productions.

This is a pretty competent and beautifully executed blend of Boba Fett and the sort of helmet you’d see in an era like the one 300 was set in.

via geeks are sexy

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Watch: Animated Movie Title Squences of 2010

MONOmoda’s made a list of the best animated title sequences in movies and television. Their list covers the most interesting titles of the aughts. We chose the opening themes of 2010 as the main focus and posted them here.

Good Omens
Steven Wood not only created a wonderful idea for how the movie ending to Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s book Good Omens, he cast the director(Edgar Wright), principal players (Simon Pegg, Peter Serafinowicz), and production crew. This bit is entirely fictional, of course. in fact, it’s borderline fan wank territory.

But even we have to agree casting Good Omens as Wood envisioned would be a good pull.

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Good Morning, ISS Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson. How Does Earth Look Today?

BoingBoing tells us:

Madeleine Robins called this picture of ISS astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson watching the spin far below,The perfect cover for the perfect unwritten/unread SF novel I wanted to read when I was thirteen.” Exactly right.

Damn right, BoingBoing.

The above image was taken in late September from the ISS’s Cupola window bay. Dr. Dyson is a lead vocalist in the band Max Q.

There’s an astronaut band out there and no one told us?

This won’t do, Internet. Stop keeping these need-to-know bits of information a secret.

via @boingboing, Astronomy Picture of the Day

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Found: 1970s Interview with Rod Serling. Talks Science Fiction. Inspiring.

In the following University of Kansas professor James Gunn interviewed Rod Serling about science fiction in literature. It is incredible and inspiring to hear a creator show true humility and deference to the works of science fiction.

I think the networks have traditionally and almost ritualistically short-changed the science fiction audience both qualitatively and quantitatively. I don’t think…they’ve given the proper respect to science fiction as a legitimate area of literary attempt. Number one, I think, first of all, it’s a high level literary form and number two I think it’s much more than a small coterie of loyal viewers who’ve read Amazing Stories and want to go on.

I think it’s a sizable group, particular amongst the young. Because we live in a society which is so technologically improved and which is so scientifically orientated now that indeed this is simply a reflection of the time around us now. –Rod Serling

It is refreshing to see a creator genuinely interested in making good stories and being brutally honest about his own work. This is such a stark contrast to the bulk of creators popular today that seem to believe the sun rises and sets on their “awesome film-making abilities.”

As you’ve no doubt noticed, we’ve placed the interview above the cut and combined them into a playlist for easy viewing.

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Art-Out Moments: Whitechapel Hosts SciFi Cover Remodel of Weird Tales

Last week, Whitechapel hosted a Sci-Fi Cover remodel of Weird Tales.

by DBed

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