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Mapped: The Inner Workings of Muppets

Lovers of muppets and how things work, please gather around. Children, you shouldn’t be here anyway but we applaud your furtive steps in dodging those parental blocking sites. This is completely SFW. And yet could be very damaging to your childlike wonder. We will not be responsible for this tragedy.

Look away now. Have a cookie and play outside. You’re beginning to form Morlockian features.

Everyone else, please attend this awesome and terrifying spectacle:
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8 Years Later. That’s “Wassup?”

I’ve had varying degrees of success with keeping politics from running roughshod over this site. Now with the main event just days (you hear that? It’s finally almost over!) away, I’ll take those days and share some politicalness.

Wassup 2008 is just damn brilliant. It’s a short from 60 Frames taking place 8 years after the original Wassup and includes all the original actors. Yes, it first dropped a few weeks ago but it was not in keeping with the theme of Halloween. Now’s a different story.

(via boingboing, wassup you tube)

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Comics, There are Days You Baffle Me

A few weeks ago this article appeared on Newsarama:

If you’re Bluewater Productions, you “[break] new ground” with a comic-book biography of a former presidential hopeful — one Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“John McCain and Barack Obama have all of the spotlight,” Publisher Darren G. Davis says in the press release. “Our goal is to show the historical impact that maybe underrated from by those who are too facetted on the candidates to fully understand the historical impact of being a few votes show [sic] for the 1st female president. Many people are daunted by the endless stream of articles on the candidates. A visual medium provides perspective that is not only accessible but more relatable to the average person without loosing [sic] any of the information involved.”

Said article was promptly updated with covers from IDW’s Presidential Material books.

Talk about your “separated at birth.”

Yes, it did take me several weeks to process what was going on here. You have a problem with that?

(via newsarama)

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