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Watch:#Rocktt Interviews Haven Comics Founder @MCuthbert for 10th Anniversary Special Senior Producer, Matt Cuthbert began local comics shop Haven Comics, Etc. 10 years ago last Saturday. Here he’s interviewed by Twitter friend, @DanielHorton‘s new monthly online show about tech and geek culture in North Alabama called #Rocktt.

10 years?! That can’t be right. We’re supposed to be traveling the world. Challenging Mars. Writing comics. Who knew we’d be running an online Newsmine of various interests?

Anyway, 10 years is also a long time to be running a retail comics business. Listen to friend Cuthbert talk about why Haven was created, serialized comics vs trade paperbacks, and the ever popular digital comics debate.
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Our Strange Sky: Fermi Space Telescope Detects Antimatter in Earth’s Thunderstorms

We won’t even attempt to translate what was read in the BBC article. Here’s a bit on the actual anti-matter find.

But within that gamma-ray data lies an even more interesting result described at the meeting by Dr McEnery and her collaborators Michael Briggs of the University of Alabama Huntsville and Joseph Dwyer of the Florida Institute of Technology.

“We expected to see TGFs; they had been seen by the GBM’s predecessor,” Dr McEnery explained.

“But what absolutely intrigues us is the discovery that TGFs produce not just gamma rays but also produce positrons, the antimatter equivalent to electrons.”

When gamma rays pass near the nuclei of atoms, they can turn their energy into two particles: an electron-positron pair.

Because electrons and positrons are charged, they align along the Earth’s magnetic field lines and can travel vast distances, gathered into tightly focused beams of matter and antimatter heading in opposite directions.

The dance of light and matter continues when positrons encounter electrons again; they recombine and produce a flash of light of a precise and characteristic colour.

It is this colour of light, picked up by the Fermi’s GBM, that is a giveaway that antimatter has been produced.

The magnetic field can transport the particles vast distances before this characteristic flash, and one of the Fermi detections was from a storm that was happening completely beyond the horizon.

The results will be published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters

Informative video below.

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Canadians Invade Alabama! Where Should @AlexandLuke Visit in Huntsville?

This will be quick.

Al.Com’s @MCuthbert informed:

Alexandra Sabine and Luke Vigeant are two Canadian travelers engaged in a massive social media experiment. They’re on a quest to visit every state in the U.S. and every province in Canada. And they’re doing it all based on recommendations from people on the Internet.

Together, they are Alex and Luke, and through their blog, Twitter feed, Facebook page, Gowalla check-ins, and YouTube videos, they solicit suggestions on what city to visit next — and also what to see, where to eat, and where to stay while there. Basically, they’re living their lives through crowd-sourcing.

Then he suggested:

@groonk Tell @alexandluke where to go while they’re in your city today! than a minute ago via Seesmic

They’re in Huntsville today. But these places have already been suggested.

After Birmingham, they’re heading up to Huntsville, where they may see the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, Big Spring Park, Harrison Brothers Hardware, Maple Hill Cemetery, or Monte Sano Mountain. Along they way, suggestions could take them to Rickwood Caverns in Warrior, Alabama or Ave Maria Grotto in Cullman.

So here’s our list of Huntsville visits:

US Space and Rocket Center. :
It’s already been suggested but we must reiterate. Walking around inside with the Rocket in a Box(authentic Saturn V rocket) might be preferable to running about in the Alabama heat. Also, the Space Center is hosting…

The Star Wars Experience:
“Where Science Meets Imagination,” is the catch phrase. We experienced the museum of a galaxy, far, far away on July 4th(Groonkly Bits on that later). It’s only in town for the summer. So it’d be foolish to miss it. We suggest the augmented reality games and the Millenium falcon movie(even though its an extra $5).

Beauregard’s :
If you like wings. If you want wings. If you need wings. There’s no place like it. We suggest the Jordan Lane location. Soak in the ambiance. If you’d rather have a burger, they got that, too. be sure to ask about the habanero sauce.


Cricket’s :
Also a wing’s place. Also very good. it’s out in Madison.

Soul Burger:
It’s a burger joint in a gym. How do you not visit?

Three Caves Quarry :
It’s hot out there, kids. But if you don’t mind walking to it, the caves should be cooler once inside.

We’re coming up blank for other things to do.

Huntsvillians, please share your recommendations in our comments or Alex and Luke’s web houses.
Facebook :
Main Site:

Alex and Luke visit Alabama

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STAR WARS Comes to Huntsville Space & Rocket Center, 2010

The news broke last week. After some digging, enough information has been gathered.

Star Wars is hereThe Millennium Falcon, light sabers, R2D2, storm troopers and much, much more from the “Star Wars” universe will fill the U.S. Space & Rocket Center beginning June 25, 2010, for the largest temporary exhibit in the history of Alabama’s top tourist attraction.

The more than 12,000 feet of displays, interactive exhibits and laboratories in “Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination” include many original costumes, models and props from the six-movie saga that began in 1977.

The question we have is, are you ready Huntsville? Are you ready for Jayne Hat Trooper and all his ilk? You damn well better be ready cause it will be here.

Jayne Hat TrooperThe 501st Legion, an international fan-based organization dedicated to the construction and wearing of screen-accurate replicas of various characters from the Star Wars movies, with members all across the Southeast, has been enlisted to help support the Space Center’s efforts to promote the exhibit. Current plans call for their members to appear at various venues in costume.

Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination opens June 25, 2010 at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. Ticket information will be available at

It will be love you have not known.

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The COLBERT Patch, Designed with Love in Huntsville, Alabama

Long time friend @mcuthbert shared a bit of info that gave us a mile long smile.

the COLBERT Huntsville’s MediaFusion designed the special patch that marks the exercise equipment – the COLBERT – the Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill – station crews will now be able to jump on to get in a good workout in space.

“It was loads of fun to see it come together,” said Richard Williams, MediaFusion’s Huntsville spokesman. “This was a great way for NASA to reach out to the public, and especially those twenty-somethings they want to engage.”

MediaFusion has a contract with NASA Headquarters, in Washington D.C., to perform graphic design and communications work. The company also works with Marshall to produce animated videos and graphics.

Video of the moment in question lay after the jump.

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