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Art Love for @RadioMaru . Scott Pilgrim Sketch Monster Fan Art and Mondo Movie Posters.

Once more into the breech, dear reader.

Harry Myland’s Sketch Monster
Harry’s done up a few SP fan love for the week. His other tributes include, Knives Chau and Sex Bob-bomb rocking out.

Do yourselves a favor and catch them all.

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Good Morning, Robots+Swords+Dinosaurs. The Battle Continues…

Last week, Nomad Tofu cartoonist Harry Myland ran a Stream Monster Ustream. We were lucky enough to witness the event and suggest a sketch for tonight.

HARRY: What should I draw?

GROONK: A robot riding a dinosaur!

And then he made this happen.

And then we were very pleased.

via Harry Myland IV

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Scott Pilgrim, Getting It All Together: Game Trailer, Movie Trailer Review, Avatar Creating, Fan Art, Flesh Art, Overload

Bryan Lee O’Malley provided the sketch. Twitter friend, and cartoonist, Harry Myland IV gave it the animation.

An epic overload of Scott Pilgrim stuff below the cut.

Really. You can’t imagine what we threw down there.
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