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Podcast Listens: Shameless Plug Edition: Blast Shields Down, Episode 2: MOON, Hard-SciFi at It’s Best

Hold on to your spacesuits, faithful listener. The Blasters get incredibly nerdy and philosophical on this one.

Discussed in this episode: Mellow Sam vs Angry Sam, the future of energy, will robots become better liars than humans and why @C_Duncan is wrong about his “improvements” to this hard science fiction classic.

This episode has the distinction of being the most popular download in the Blast Shields Down series. Find out why.

HOST :@Groonk

LISTEN: [powerpress]

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One-Sheet Wonder: Bang, Zoom…to the MOON

MOON Poster

We can’t help obsessing over the potential awesome of MOON. Obsession is a double-edged blade, making it a dangerous thing to do. It’d be far easier to despair or drink half-empty glasses of cynical tonics. But we refuse to do this. MOON has a lot going for it.
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