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Watch: The Great Inception, Charlie Chaplin’s THE GREAT DICTATOR Speech Mixed with Hans Zimmer’s INCEPTION Score

What a lovely mix. If you have not seen Chaplin’s THE GREAT DICTATOR you would do well to get right on that. It’s really a wonderful film. Also, you will see where Mike Myers stole homaged the image of Dr Evil using the world as his plaything for his Austin Powers series.

That chap, Charlie Chaplin, had the idea in 1940.

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You Tuber Unlocks Another Level of INCEPTION Cool: Hans Zimmer’s Easter Egg Score.

It turns out the slow, rhythmic bass that occurs at key points in INCEPTION (named by another YouTuber as the “BWONG!” chord)has interesting origins.

You Tuber camiam321 ran an experiment and found:

He took Edith Piaf’s “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” (which is used as a recurring motif in the film’s heist sequence), and slowed it down in Adobe Soundbooth by 300%. The result was a near exact match to the Zimmer theme.

Slightly spoiler-esque observations continue below the cut.
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