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Saturday Afternoon Theater: A Vampire, a Werewolf, and a Zombie Walk into Funny or Die Videos…

Above you lay the three-part tale of Ed Helms as a Zombie-American.

Below the threshold you’ll find two more short tales of comedy mixed with horror.

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Random Images to Blast Your Soul

We long forgot where this was found.

Try as we might we can’t un-see it.

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Experience A Hat Trick of Random Halloween-esque Comics

The end of Halloween 2009 has creeped upon us. It’s time to clear out some Halloween tags and ready for the November break.

From Kate Beaton’s Hark A Vagrant we view the mad dreams of Jules Verne.

Click for proper Hark a Vagrant size

Click Poe for proper Hark a Vagrant size

It’s not often you see Poe played as the “sane one.”

More collected Halloween and Halloween adjacent comics under the cut.

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Tuesday Tease Overload: More Vampires, Zombies & Werewolves than you can Shake Stakes, Cricket Bats, & Silver At


Vampires, zombies and werewolves. The trinity of terror. The monsters that do not die. The monsters Hollywood won’t allow die.

All the horror flicks, of interest, that we could muster lay below the cut. Did we miss any?
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Worried Parents Turn to iPhones this Halloween, Download Paedophile Maps

Remember the 80s when all we used to worry about was razorblade filled candy, black-hearted madmen poisoning Halloween candy, and oddly karmic violent retribution for morally ambiguous acts?

Thousands of American parents, fearful that their children will be abused by paedophiles while trick-or-treating on Halloween, have downloaded software to identify the homes of sex offenders in their neighbourhoods.

The past always feels more innocent does it not?

More info on the iPhone app in question, the Offender Locator, can be found at Tech Crunch and Gizmodo.

(via telegraph)

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The Yamanote Halloween Train

In October during Halloween a train line in Tokyo is invaded by certain foreigners.

courtesy of Samurai Dave

In previous years, the Yamanote Halloween party has resulted in halted trains, vandalism, and general harassment of Japanese passengers unlucky enough to find themselves in train cars targeted by the party-goers.

Have a look at Japan Probe for the history and info on this year’s Halloween train. Samurai Dave reports on his 2007 experience: The Tokyo Yamanote Halloween Train Rides Into a Sea of Adversity.

(via @jamesjpn)

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Panel Perfect: Dead Flies + Paper = Swedish One Panel Comics


It’s Swedish.

It’s morbid.

It’s funny.

It’s dead flies in one panel comics.

All it’s missing is a Last Supper homage.

A gallery of more Dead Fly Art can be found at: IHeartChaos.

(via iheartchaos)

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The pinnacle of the ever widening debate between scientific logic versus steadfast belief is found in The X-Files Revelations .

Mulder refuses to believe in miracles. He does believe in little green men walking the streets, looking for his missing sister, and doing very odd things with bees.

Sculley refuses to believe in the rubber man, the moth man, and shark men that hunger for human brains but try very hard not to eat people’s brains only to fail and give in to primal instincts in the end. She just can’t abide these things exist in her world of science. She does believe in Catechism which proves she still has lingering remnants of faith.

For us, The X-Files peaked at this character revelation. Not long after, it degenerated back into a tired monster of the week scenario. On really bad days they “deepened” the mythology with so much nonsense that we ceased to care. Luckily Revelations remains as a small beacon of thought.

Aliens and ghosts. That’s our world distilled to its base elements. Hollywood, in its infinite wisdom, continues to dip into those wells.


Strange things are happening in Nome, Alaska. More people disappear there than in any other city in the state. These same people are seeing snowy owls sitting in their windows — staring. Only they are not owls. Leeloo takes a break from her duties as the Supreme Being to investigate.

Those grey aliens scare the crap out of us. Know that if we ever see one of those little bastards staring in our window while in the warm, comfy folds of nighttime we’re grabbing the nearest stick and murder the shit out of it. Galactic relations be damned. This creepy stalker shit will not stand, man.

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