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A Damn Fine Short SciFi-Film: Aaron Sims’ ARCHETYPE , ‘Your Memories are Just a Glitch’

Official Synopsis

RL7 is an eight-foot tall combat robot that goes on the run after malfunctioning with vivid memories of once being human. As its creators and the military close in, RL7 battles its way to uncovering the shocking truth behind its mysterious visions and past.
Directed by: Aaron Sims
starring: Robert Joy (Land of the Dead, CSI:NY) and David Anders (Heroes, 24).

What We Learned: Special effects and animation veteran Aaron Sims released his $0 budget and completely unfunded labor of love, ARCHETYPE, on the Internets January 20, 2012. After watching it the first time we decided on the spot that ARCHETYPE is pretty fucking cool!

Like most Hollywood movies, all the usual tropes are covered. Unlike most Hollywood big action fare Aaron Sims made those tropes engaging and worth watching. We’ve already viewed this short more times than we care to mention.

Seven minutes is just not enough.

We hope this taste of the ARCHETYPE world generates enough buzz and gains financial backers so that he can fully visualize his labor of love. Note: we’re almost certain the concept art of Sims complete vision is featured in the credits. Stick around and watch those for once.

Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone! This has been a labor of love on a budget of $0 and it makes it all worth while when we see other poeple responding to it. Thank you! – Aaron Sims

Official sites: |
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Friday Relax: Is it Wolverine or is it Batman?

This optical illusion by Olly Moss took us a minute to decipher.

Once that was done, all we can see is Batman.

This was going to be a future Sunday Punch(the post where you find all things Batman) but we’ve seen it all over the nets the last two weeks. Way too often for it to be interesting or relevant later.

via rampaged reality

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Friday Relax: The Magnificent Bastard Cocktail, Because You’re Drinking After the Job

You can always count on a Magnificent Bastard to get things done.

No. Not the ever-planning bastard we all know and love from Greg Weisman’s Gargoyles, David Xanatos.

The following bastard.

What you see above you and in the recipe below is The Magnificent Bastard. A drink found on a site called, aptly enough,

More details on the hows and whys of this glorious drink and an interview with said drink’s creator, Bryan Swanson, can be found on MB’s site.

Magnificent Bastard: Are you concerned that you’ve made a too dangerously drinkable cocktail?
Bryan Swanson: I don’t know exactly what I may have unleashed, but I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I do!

We don’t know if it’s “too dangerously drinkable” but even our unrefined palate can tell this drinks would knock an unforgivable hole in our wallet. The recipe lay below the jump in hopes that our local bartender (What’s up, Ken?) can concoct a more affordable relaxer. A Bastard Understudy, if you will.

@Rick_Snee, you want in on this?

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Friday Relax: DeltaWing Racer to make SPEED RACER Movie a Reality

In the years since the Wachoski’s release of the SPEED RACER movie it seemed we were the only fan of the movie. Having seen this slick new ride on Dvice’s site, it turns out a handful of engineers share our guilty love. The DeltaWing racer was revealed at the Chicago Auto Show 2010 and dazzled our eyes with future-vision.

This is a proposal to be the Indy car of the future. Indianapolis 500, when this happens, you have an instant new fan.
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Black History in Comics: Black Vulcan. Hero. In his pants.

Technically, Black Vulcan was not an original comics character. He was stolen from one. Creators of botox afflicted animation, Hanna Barbera, asked for the rights to DC Comics Black Lightning(a hero to be focused on another day) but changed their minds and made their own knockoff: Black Vulcan.

It was the 70s. That long ago age when barbershops were shunned and cars lined up for miles to grab a cheap gallon of gas. In effort to make our Saturday mornings more identifiable(and by ‘our’ we mean Americans of other ethnicities) the Superfriends became multicultural. As we’ve mentioned before, The Suits tactic worked on Kid Groonk. The only excuse we have for accepting such blatant stereotyping is that we were young and very stupid. As opposed to being older and slightly less stupid today.

The Superfriends Black Vulcan trickled down into the 80s and kept entertaining the superhero addicted tykes on network TV until the early 90s. But old cartoons never die. Their cels are virtually immortal. To the delight of all Adult Swim’s Harvey Birdman saw fit to re-introduce Black Vulcan as a parody of his former self.

You lucky children of the 21st century don’t have to rely on nostalgia for our misplaced youth. For you, faithful readers, have You Tube.

Wonder Woman and Black Vulcan vs “VooDoo Vampires”
In the darkest depth of Africa sits a temple adorned in bats. From this temple comes Storm…er…I mean Vampiress: the VooDoo vampire. Her ultimate evil plan? To be a bat and flit about the jungle all threatening-like. When Vampiress bores of this she attacks random safari goers with LASERS from her FANGS. Apparently the drugs were very good back in the 70s.

The Timeline of a Great Catchphrase “In my pants”
Pure comedy genius…in his pants.

(via wayback machine you tube, @misterperturbed)

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Friday Relax: You won’t Survive My Brute Attacks

You’re looking for ways to kill time aren’t you? Making it past the noon hour with your bellies full of lunch(I saw you at Hooter’s BTW) has made you lethargic. Perk up, worker bees! We have the perfect distraction for you.


My Brute is an automated, character customizable, online fighting game that’ll eat up all your spare time.

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