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The Sunday Punch: Screen Team Show’s “Moves Like Batman,” Dance Like Catwoman

Screen Team Show just made our radar. Groonkly Eyes are on you, STS. Keep up the good work.

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When All Else Fails: Godzilla Haiku

Godzilla can dance!
Other thunder lizards laugh.
Flame breath equals the score.

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WAEFD: All She Keeps Doing is “Dance, Dance”

It’s still a mystery why Jimmy Fallon and that latest American idol winner who’s yet to fade into obscurity felt the need to mock Don Henley’s “All She Wants to Do is Dance.” We say don’t mock this classic, guy who can’t keep a straight face through any skit and guy who’s yet to prove, well, anything, celebrate it! We also say they didn’t get the meaning of the tune in the first place.

It’s been too long between When All Else Fails, Dance posts. Everything’s failing these days folks. Let’s dance!

(via waiting to watch Chris Hardwick (@nerdist) but getting that American Idol guy first and dancin’ you tube)

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