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Tuesday Tease: BLACK DYNAMITE! Righteously Kung fu Kick Ass!

This ain’t no jive Swank Evening at Wayne Manor.

Take the spirit of DOLEMITE. Add large fun-buttery chunks of I’M GONNA GET YOU SUCKA. Stir in the 21st century flava of a 70s blaxploitation films, like Ms JACKIE BROWN. And what you’re getting is an explosive piece of BLACK DYNAMITE!

Michael Jai White being kung fu badass funny. Salli Richardson is there to class up the joint with hotness and style. Featuring RENO 911’s Cedric Yarbrough selling drugs in Black Dynamite’s community.

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NASA to Dive Bomb Moon with Robot, Look for Water

Sometime between May and August 2009, depending on launch dates, the booster stage for NASA’s LCROSS probe will deliberately crash into a permanently-shadowed lunar crater at 9,000 km/hr, producing an explosion equivalent to about 2,000 pounds of TNT (6.5 billion joules). The blast will jettison material out of the crater into broad daylight where astronomers can search the debris for signs of lunar water.

(via science@nasa)

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Lightning Strike Deconstructed in Slow Motion Video, Labeled Cool

(via geekologie, bbc documentary “The Power of the Planet“)

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WATCH: Ambiguous Animations on Public Walls

I continue to re-post the month of May.

(via eggradio)

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