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Moment of Who: Kevin, the Robot Dinosaur Companion. Thank You, Comics.

Kevin is a robot dinosaur that traveled with The Doctor in the TARDIS. A few months ago, we learned, via Reddit, that this has been going on in the pages of the 11th Doctor‘s comics series.


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Webcomics Love: Zac Gorman’s “I Draw Nintendo” makes Link a Badass in 4 Panels

Why We Read It: Technically we just found it. Obviously we love what we see.

I wanted to draw at least one comic where Link looked like a badass.

We believe you succeeded, Mr Gorman.

Zac Gorman‘s simple style, love of Nintendo and motion comics mastery mix together to create lovely art. Check below the jump for two more examples of his style. Special note: our favorite is the one on bravery.

Official site:

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Tumblr Watch: A Moment of Ellis

It seems there’s some kind of bug in the air. Now there’s A Moment of Ellis chronicling the bibliographic adventures of one Mr Warren Ellis. It, too, promises a day by day examination of the works of its selected British comics writer. We’ll see if this promise holds as the days wear on.

Warren Ellis is the English writer/futurologist that has penned the likes of Transmetropolitan, Nextwave, Gravel, The Authority, Astonishing X-Men, Planetary, Global Frequency, Anna Mercury, FreakAngels, and Ocean to name but a few. A very small few. Have a look at his bibliography why don’t ya?

You can contribute your Ellis Moment via email:

Official site:

Twitter: @EllisMoment

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Tumblr Watch: A Moment of Morrison

Not long after A Moment of Moore graced the Internet a like minded individual took the next step.

That step was A Moment of Morrison. It aims to follow the same regimen as its predecessor. A daily dose of the works of Grant Morrison. We could list his successful run on choice titles from our favorite chaos magician (Animal Man, Doom Patrol, JLA, The Invisibles, New X-Men, Fantastic Four, All Star Superman, and Batman).

But why don’t you just experience his ideas one day at a time.

The willing can contribute their own Morrison Moment via this handy gmail address:

Official site:

Twitter: @MorrisonMoment

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Tumblr Watch: A Moment of Moore

We are told it began with Alan Moore. Yes, the man that gave us MiracleMan, redefined Swamp Thing, deconstructed the superhero in the comics mini-series Watchmen and has several of his movies misinterpreted by the Hollywood machine(not counting WATCHMEN, which we rather liked, or V FOR VENDETTA which was okay for what it was).

He’s become the latest in a line of Tumblr memes. A Moment of Moore makes the claim to post something related to Alan Moore every day. We’re gonna hold you to this, mysterious blog poster. If there’s not a daily bit of Moore-esque ideas there will be hell to pay. And by hell we mean “summon an Old One from the pit of slithering” kind of hell.

Official site:

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Gamervision Deconstructs SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD Trailer, Misses a Small Bit

Edgar Wright is in love with Gamervision’s frame by frame analysis of the Scott Pilgrim’s upcoming movie. But we have to wonder, did they miss something?

Feel free to call us wrong come this August but isn’t that Rammy’s* mysterious glowy head-action going on in this screen-capped clip? Or is it just some simple action lines?

Watch the video below the epic line.

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“Dracula’s Greatest Comics Appearances” Documented. Damn Accurate.



No. Dracula…IN COMICS!


Comics Alliance writer Chris Sims manifested a list of “Dracula’s Greatest Comics Appearances.” And it was good.

Although, Sims forgot the classic Planetary issue “Century” wherein Elijah Snow decides to show Dracula who’s boss.


Yes, that is century baby Elijah Snow kicking the crotch out of the king of all vampires after he used his century baby powers to freeze said vampire into a bloodsucking Popsicle. These are the times we love comics.

(Comics Alliance link via @mattstaggs)

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