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That Extended Cut of the AVENGERS Trailer Most of You Have Already Seen is Here, Worth Talking About Again

Official Synopsis

Nick Fury and the international agency S.H.I.E.L.D. bring together a team of super humans to form The Avengers to help save the Earth from Loki & his various membered army.

What We Learned: Nick Fury believes in Harvey Dent heroes. Loki doesn’t seem to be bound to a scientists mortal form anymore. Tony Stark has iron balls to talk smack to, what for all intents and purposes, is a god. Of course, he’s probably drunk during that meeting. HULK SMASH PUNY FUTURE JET!

Why We’ll Watch: We’ll watch because of all the snark we mentioned above and then some. Seeing Marvel finally step into the light of making entertaining movies from their characters has been a joy for this Marvel zombie. Sure there have been a few mis-steps but with the House of Ideas running their own movie studio it became easier for them to keep their continuity in line. Although, it did get in their way a few other times. The loss of Jon Favreau and Ed Norton will be felt. But the machine, as always, lurches on.

Now if only Marvel studios could get back the rights to Spider-Man, The X-Men and the Fantastic Four. We could get a good sized mega-movie by throwing them back into movie continuity.

Watch the trailer below the cut.

When’s it coming? May 4, 2012

Official site: |

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Illustrator Tom Whalen’s “The Invaders.” Strong Art from Strong Stuff.

All the chatter over the concept imagery of Chris Evans in the Captain America suit has got our hopes flying high that THE FIRST AVENGER will be better than watchable. Hell it might even be enjoyable.

Then, as if by providence, we learn of the fantastic art work by Tom Whalen. The providence comes from this rather sweet image of The Invaders created by Whalen.

Random thought: it’d be curious to see Chris Evans play both the Human Torch and Captain America in the same movie. Evans was the best part from those below average FANTASTIC FOUR movies.

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Blogger Complains about Captain America #602, Streisand Effect Kicks Into Gear

In Captain America #602, Bucky Barnes(Captain America) and Sam Wilson(Falcon) are at some random protest doing what superheroes do: tracking down bad guys to put them in their place. The book was ready to go to the printer but it seems protest signs in a panel weren’t filled in. Marvel had a letterer do just that. The letterer referenced this sign in a panel of protesters featured in Captain America #602(see image).

A blogger, who we’re only guessing is a member of the Tea Party movement, did what the Internet does best and blogged about Marvel portraying the movement in a bad light. Something to do with Cap’s current storyline and the panel inferring that the protesters Sam and Bucky are observing are a part of that story’s current Big Bad.

Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada steps in and defends the Captain America #602 storyline while simultaneously apologizing for the panel in question.

Confused? Don’t worry. That is what controversy calls home. Read the article here for more details.

What’s not confusing is that in complaining about Captain America #602 they brought half the blogosphere and our attention to the matter. Even though this hooha doesn’t involve censorship in the strictest sense, we’re pretty sure the Streisand effect has come into play. Proof of this being we don’t read Captain America’s main continuity but now we’re damn well going to now. Multiply this curiosity by a few hundred thousand.

See what happened there?

(via, washington times, cup o joe)

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Captain America Returns! Surprise?

The buzz Marvel has been sending out over the electric thought-spaces was unavoidable. Big news was coming for Captain America. For us, it was hard to get excited about it as that book is not on our pull list. This is in spite of the wondrous things being said about Ed Brubaker‘s turn at the helm. Two years since the highly publicized death of Captain America, a new thing was about to happen.

Cap_america_v4 Rising from the dead after being killed off over two years ago, Captain America is being resurrected by Marvel Comics.

Though the circumstances of his return are being closely shielded, the star-spangled superhero returns July 1 in a five-comic-book series, “Captain America Reborn.”

A big-budget movie in development by Marvel is also expected in 2011.

What they forgot to admit was the “new thing” was just an “old tactic.” We’ve decided to call every Marvel, and DC, flagship character that is gloriously “killed off” Jean Grey. It’s easier on all of us that way.

(via cnn, @bryanmcb)

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