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Animated Win: SuperGo! Fight those Snack Envy Bears!

Ectomo has a wonderful sorta-weekly feature called Saturday Morning Cartoons. In these posts you find a small collection of animation worth it’s weight in ink, paper, and an animator’s endless patience.

Many of you net-wanderers aren’t privileged enough to remember the time when animation was reserved for Saturdays only. Our mom would need dynamite and a forklift to raise us from slumber during the weekday grind but on this special day, heavy machinery and explosives were never required. In the past we’ve refrained from re-sharing posts found on Ectomo but this time all bets are off.

SuperGo!: Giant bear-monsters, ninjas, and snack envy. That’s all you should really need to know.

We must say that Qais is incorrect in this assumption. There is one more thing that need be known. And that is, we’re positive we’ve found Halloween 2009 premiere costume.

(via ectomo, mighty you tube ninja)

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