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Interview: Josh Simpson, the Man Behind @BPGlobalPR

The @BPGlobalPR Twitterer has been revealed as Josh Simpson. He has been interviewed by Mat Honan and found, by us, to be a pretty cool guy.

Awl: Were you doing this all by yourself?

@BPGlobalPR: No, not at all. The idea was mine, and all the long form writing, talks, and speeches were me. But a lot of tweets–a lot of my favorite tweets–weren’t mine. I edited and maybe tweaked some of them, but there’s no way I would have been able to come up with the quality or volume of jokes without a good team. We had about 15 people, and those writers deserve a lot of the credit. Some contributed every day. My dad did one, even. I sent him a message and told him about it, and I was like, “fuck, I’m not sure what he’ll think.” But he responded immediately with a joke.

It was nice to create something that could be inclusive with people’s frustrations. I made it purposefully non-partisan for that reason. As much as I could, I mean. When you’ve got Joe Barton grovelling on the House floor, I had to say something about that.

We suggest reading the entire interview over on The Awl.

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Thank You, Internet: BP Photoshops are All the Rage

People are photoshopping the BP command and control.

Check out a few:

via @amboy00

via @bpglobalpr

all via #BPphotoshop

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A BP Minute: British Petroleum’s Extravagant Oil Spill PR Campaign. Tries to Spin Crap to Gold.

Fast Company shared, on Tuesday, the latest BP effort to save their name.

Among the various PR efforts that BP is engaged in, they’ve apparently sent out a “reporter” to file missives about the company’s efforts to stem the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

And what “Paula Kolmar” is writing tips well over the line of self-parody, into some kind of bizarro world where bullshit smells like puppies and champagne–and where cleaning up the oil spill while being slathered in tar balls and oil fumes is a bit like being embraced by Fabio in a grocery-store romance novel.

Get BP’s bullshit straight from the source, if you like.

We thought the words of BP Reporter “Paula Kolmar” fit perfectly with images from the Gulf Shore. So we spun-up the old Photoshop and threw together 3 macros for the occasion.

A couple more under the jump.
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Cartoonist Daryl Cagle Collects ‘Oil Spill Cartoons’ into iPhone/iPod Touch App

We’re not familiar with MSNBC cartoonist, Daryl Cagle’s work. What he’s done here is of interest to us. Centering an app around a theme in his work that just so happens to match current events is pretty nifty. Hell, it’s so obvious we wonder why it hasn’t occurred to us before.

The level of advertising Cagle is running for his new ‘Oil Spill Cartoon’ app, however, slams hard against the spam line. If he wasn’t advertising so hard, we never would have noticed them. Now that we notice them, and him, we can’t help but see his pleas for your $0.99.

Marketing and sales is a delicate dance between you and potential costumers. It’s never a good idea to slam hard on your partner’s toes.

via @dcagle, The Cagle Post

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A BP Minute: Aquaman is Not Immune

via scifiwire

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A BP Minute: Wherein We Ponder the Wisdom of Nick Holmes.

We’ve enjoyed actor Nick Holmes Tumblr for quite some time now. It is a breath of fresh Internet and brevity of wit on a daily basis.

When he does speak, we can’t help but to wonder…

“There’s an American flag on the moon, a robot on Mars, I can practically make a feature film on my phone; and they can’t stop a leak.” -Nick Holmes

Why is Nick Holmes not famous yet?

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Visualize: Map the BP Oil Disaster to Your Location, Gain Perspective

When descriptions are good enough, what is needed is a little visual perspective. Above you see the output from a Google Maps mashup of the Gulf Oil mayhem relative to our location in the world.

To get your own map, follow the link.

via In Perspective

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