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Moment of Who: Experience Every Doctor Who Episode from 1963 to Now in Under 10 Minutes

YouTuber Babelcolour assembled a mighty tribute to science fiction drama on television. Anything that promotes the wonder of Who is aces in our book. While watching we noticed the subtle changes in the show’s style over the almost 50 years of its history.

The 2nd Doctor’s Who-mobile(we’re not kidding) was especially striking. And by ‘striking’ we mean ‘a bit silly.’ The 70s were crazy as hell.

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Music Break: Kermit & Rowlf Sing “Rainbow Connection,” We Become a 6 year Old Again

That’s right. Six years old.
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Thank You, Josh Cooley: Scooby Doo and the Unlikely(See: Awesome) Guest Stars

Josh Cooley‘s universe. We want to live in it. The premise here is simple. Back in the day, Scooby Doo had dozens of guest stars on their animated adventures. Batman and Robin, The Harlem Globetrotters and Don Adams(yeah, we don’t know either) were but a few.

Cartoonist Josh Cooley decided to take the guest star cast list to a whole ‘nother level.

Seriously, we’d love to see this happen.

Scooby Doo meets Don Draper

Scooby Doo meets Hit Girl

See a few more surprise guests on Cooley’s web house.
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Art-Out Moment: Conjunction Junction Train Model of a Function

We spent many mornings dedicated to Saturday morning cartoons in the 1970s and 1980s. Between the airings of Mighty Orbots and Dungeons & Dragons, the television studios treated the kid faring nation with the animated musical educational theater Schoolhouse Rocks. This is one of the avenues where we learned our math, American history, science and, of course, grammar.

Starship Modeler’s Silly Week proves that the inspiration did not stop with the basics of education. As you can see above, Alvis 3.1 has taken to the arts and recreated the eponymous “Conjunction Junction.” The results, in our not so humble opinion, is bloody gorgeous. Follow the link to see closer views of “and”, “but” and “or”.
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TV People Release Photo of Adrianne Palicki as WONDER WOMAN, Looks Like the 80s have Returned

Geekweek shared the first official photo of Adrienne Palicki as Wonder Woman and our knee jerk reaction is, ‘unimpressed.’ We have nothing against Adrianne Palicki. She is fine as a mug and we’re pretty sure she should call us some time(This was delivered in the least creepy way possible). We’re unimpressed by the costume design. It looks like someone took a class in 1980s superhero design and drew up the rest after a night in the fetish clubs.

Wonder Woman should be iconic, not your average Comics Con goer. We criticize because we know you can do better, Hollywood costume designers. DC comics went through a lot of grief changing Woman Woman’s look. We assumed this was to make her more filmable. This official photo looks more laughable than filmable. Also, she’s missing her jacket.

Please try again.

Others have weighed in on this. What would fanboy kingdom be without small controversies?

The folks at Project:Rooftop would know about design as it is their raison d’etre. They briefly chat about her in: NBC’s Wonder Woman: First Thoughts

iGeektrooper weighs in in their article: First Look at Adrianne Palicki in Her Wonder Woman Costume. I’m Not a Fan.

Courtney over at Very Aware summed up our feelings quite nicely(and way more cleverly than us) with her piece: WONDER WOMAN costume debuts, horrifies most

Over at Live for Films, they ask whether Liz Hurley would have been the better choice. Hmmmm

As an unfair test we dug up an old promo image of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman and dropped it below the cut.

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Tumblr Watch: Sesame Street, Keep on Reaching High

We know what we are.

Do you know what you are?

Ask to be sure. + Sesame Street + Original song = A video you’ll watch ten times today.

You are not wrong, Sesame Street Tumblr.

Official site:

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Found: 1970s Interview with Rod Serling. Talks Science Fiction. Inspiring.

In the following University of Kansas professor James Gunn interviewed Rod Serling about science fiction in literature. It is incredible and inspiring to hear a creator show true humility and deference to the works of science fiction.

I think the networks have traditionally and almost ritualistically short-changed the science fiction audience both qualitatively and quantitatively. I don’t think…they’ve given the proper respect to science fiction as a legitimate area of literary attempt. Number one, I think, first of all, it’s a high level literary form and number two I think it’s much more than a small coterie of loyal viewers who’ve read Amazing Stories and want to go on.

I think it’s a sizable group, particular amongst the young. Because we live in a society which is so technologically improved and which is so scientifically orientated now that indeed this is simply a reflection of the time around us now. –Rod Serling

It is refreshing to see a creator genuinely interested in making good stories and being brutally honest about his own work. This is such a stark contrast to the bulk of creators popular today that seem to believe the sun rises and sets on their “awesome film-making abilities.”

As you’ve no doubt noticed, we’ve placed the interview above the cut and combined them into a playlist for easy viewing.

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Flashback to Before The Internet: Underground Comix

The Cartoon History of the Universe 01

Some time ago, SciFi Wire reported:

The underground comix of the ’60s and ’70s were NSFW long before any of us had ever heard of NSFW. Often available only in head shops, these alternative publications delivered a dose of sex, drugs and violence then missing from mainstream comic books.

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Wipe Your Bum with Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk, Flush them Down with Admiral Ackbar

In one hand, novelty toilet paper from the 70s!

Back in 1979 The Amazing Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk were featured in an original, never-before-reprinted comic book story called Gamma Gambit on a roll of novelty Toilet Paper. Yes, toilet paper.

In the other hand, novelty graphic design from Deviant Art

Yes. Yes. “It’s a Crap!” We made the joke, Internet. happy now?

Thank you, Brendon Phillips. You gave a hum-drum post a one-two punch.

via geek tyrant, Deviant Brendon Phillips

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From Japan: SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO Graces the Internet with Live-Action Trailer, Looks Cool

Official Synopsis

The crew of the Space Battleship Yamato set out on a journey to the planet Iscandar to acquire a device that can heal the ravaged Earth.

What We Learned:
Anime connoisseurs in the USA call it Star Blazers. The Japanese know it from the 70s as Space Battleship Yamato. We’re calling it a space opera epic begging to be seen.

Why We’re Gonna Watch:
The gauge for the melodrama is likely to break on this one. But we’re gonna have to choke back our natural revulsion for such theatrics. It’s a battleship cruising the spaceways on a mission to save the world. Watching it is an imperative.

When’s it coming?
They say December 2010 in Japan.

Official site:

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