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Through the Hall of Many Doors, Two Old Tales of Alice in Wonderland

Remember the days when tea parties made sense?

Today we learned John Cusack is guest blogging on BoingBoing. Cusack is celebrating the love of one Jan Svankmajer. Svankmajer, we also learned, is a surrealist Czech filmmaker. Of course, this fellow made a version of Alice in Wonderland. What else would a surrealist Czech filmmaker do?

Because we’re terribly behind on… well, life… we still have a tab open on an ONTD article sharing a 1903 production Alice in Wonderland film. This being Bicycle Day and Alice being full of trippy moments, throwing the two films together seems like a good idea.

Tumble down the rabbit hole to experience them both.

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2010 Tease: 10 Movies in the Year Spaceship that Stand Above the Rest (for Now)

2010 is the year of lovely entertainment in dark rooms filled with people. We have a hope that as time passes more worthwhile movies will be added to our watch list. Until then look below the jump and fill your eyes with trailers… of the future!

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