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Listen: Girl On Guy’s, Aisha Tyler, Talks to Army Corporal Jeremy Keuhl

We were unsure how to focus on Veteran’s Day 2011 until we cycled into Aisha Tyler’s November 10th upload of her podcast Girl on Guy. In this episode she talks to Army Corporal Jeremy Kuehl.

Listen via the embed below.

in honor of veteran’s day, i sat down with a young veteran and wounded warrior, army corporal jeremy kuehl, to talk not just about his sacrifice, but his life, his dreams, how he got here, and where he’s going. it’s a great conversation, honest, funny, unvarnished and real. i hope it makes the meaning of the overseas conflict a bit more personal for you, and I hope you enjoy it.

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Jeremy Kuehl photoblog
The Wounded Warriors Project
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Saturday Afternoon Documentary: “The Sal Giunta Story”

It’s been a long while since we’ve posted on the war. It has been a conscious choice. Some observations we keep in the private notes. After reading the Yahoo article on Sal Giunta the other day, we decided this is something in which more people should be aware.

“I’m not at peace with that at all,” Giunta said. “And coming and talking about it and people wanting to shake my hand because of it, it hurts me, because it’s not what I want. And to be with so many people doing so much stuff and then to be singled out–and put forward. I mean, everyone did something.

Read: the full article.

Video report:

Medal of Honor ceremony:

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