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Official Synopsis

Atomic Robo: Last Stop will be a fully animated extension of the already vast Atomic Robo universe. This new short film will bring fan favorite characters to life in a traditionally produced, digital animation. “While Atomic Robo: Last Stop isn’t a direct adaptation, we’ve paid very close attention to the Graphic Novels and are determined to stay as true to the subject material as humanly possible. People love Robo too much for me to try and mess with the formula,” said director Joseph W. Krzemienski.

What We Learned from the Teaser:
As teasers go, it fulfilled the duty of giving just enough to whet our animation appetites.

Why We’ll Watch the Movie:
Atomic Robo is a robot created by the power(see: knowledge) of Tesla. That’s all we really needed to know.

When’s it coming?
Soon, they say.

Official site:

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Play: DELIVER ME TO HELL, An Interactive Zombie Adventure.

Hell Pizza in New Zealand has created an interactive You Tube game to promote their “win a year’s supply of pizza” contest. It’s a 10-15 minute adventure once added together. At the end of each bit you get to choose which action our very dedicated Hell Pizza deliveryman must take.

Things learned from this clever You Tube marketing venture:
1)The annotations must be turned on in You Tube for you to be able to play.
2) Even during the much touted coming zombie apocalypse the pizza must be delivered on time.
3) Never trust a bloke in a bloody tux.
3a)Never pick up said bloke in said bloody tux. Even if he surrounded by walking death and you feel sorry for him. It’s Zombieland, people. Sacrifices have to be made.
3b)This goes double if said bloke puts on a fuzzy hat.
4)Clever marketing tactics can trump bad acting skills…barely.
5)As a kid we always died in the choose-your-own adventure stories the local bookstore sold. We should have this as a hint for all future decisions in life.
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Canadians Invade Alabama! Where Should @AlexandLuke Visit in Huntsville?

This will be quick.

Al.Com’s @MCuthbert informed:

Alexandra Sabine and Luke Vigeant are two Canadian travelers engaged in a massive social media experiment. They’re on a quest to visit every state in the U.S. and every province in Canada. And they’re doing it all based on recommendations from people on the Internet.

Together, they are Alex and Luke, and through their blog, Twitter feed, Facebook page, Gowalla check-ins, and YouTube videos, they solicit suggestions on what city to visit next — and also what to see, where to eat, and where to stay while there. Basically, they’re living their lives through crowd-sourcing.

Then he suggested:

@groonk Tell @alexandluke where to go while they’re in your city today! than a minute ago via Seesmic

They’re in Huntsville today. But these places have already been suggested.

After Birmingham, they’re heading up to Huntsville, where they may see the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, Big Spring Park, Harrison Brothers Hardware, Maple Hill Cemetery, or Monte Sano Mountain. Along they way, suggestions could take them to Rickwood Caverns in Warrior, Alabama or Ave Maria Grotto in Cullman.

So here’s our list of Huntsville visits:

US Space and Rocket Center. :
It’s already been suggested but we must reiterate. Walking around inside with the Rocket in a Box(authentic Saturn V rocket) might be preferable to running about in the Alabama heat. Also, the Space Center is hosting…

The Star Wars Experience:
“Where Science Meets Imagination,” is the catch phrase. We experienced the museum of a galaxy, far, far away on July 4th(Groonkly Bits on that later). It’s only in town for the summer. So it’d be foolish to miss it. We suggest the augmented reality games and the Millenium falcon movie(even though its an extra $5).

Beauregard’s :
If you like wings. If you want wings. If you need wings. There’s no place like it. We suggest the Jordan Lane location. Soak in the ambiance. If you’d rather have a burger, they got that, too. be sure to ask about the habanero sauce.


Cricket’s :
Also a wing’s place. Also very good. it’s out in Madison.

Soul Burger:
It’s a burger joint in a gym. How do you not visit?

Three Caves Quarry :
It’s hot out there, kids. But if you don’t mind walking to it, the caves should be cooler once inside.

We’re coming up blank for other things to do.

Huntsvillians, please share your recommendations in our comments or Alex and Luke’s web houses.
Facebook :
Main Site:

Alex and Luke visit Alabama

via matthew cuthbert,

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