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#MusicMonday: Adam WarRock’s “Call Me Johnny Wander” and Other Geeklicious Tunes

The nerd rock trend that overtook our heart last week continues with choice jams from Adam WarRock.


WarRock talks a lot about how this ode to Johnny Wander came about. Johnny Wander is a webcomic we encountered through AppleGeeks writer, Ananth‘s Twitter. Once discovered, it didn’t take long to read through the entire series from beginning to end.

…and 50 minutes later, I looked around and realized that I had read the whole book, and was laughing to myself in the corner. By myself. Like a crazy person. But more importantly, I realized that I had been smiling more than laughing. Think about it, it’s a hard thing for a comic, especially one that’s not necessarily a continuous story arc, to accomplish.

He’s right. It is very nice to come across a webcomic that has this effect.

Download: Call Me Johnny Wander by Adam WarRock

Other tracks from Adam WarRock lay below the cut.
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