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Moment of Who: The Teams of Three, Power Trios on the Move

Here it is and here we go. Below this text is three representations of the current Whoniverse Power Trio for your amusement and enjoyment.

Charlie Brown Who Returns
Larry Wentzel inspired by Hijiinks Ensue’s “Last of the Time Lords Charlie Brown(which was also featured here) drew up Rory, Amy and The Doctor in Schultzian style. Amy Pond as that little red-haired girl makes so much sense now. Wentzel has continued to Schultzify the Whoniverse on his Deviant Art.

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Rory the Roman, The Girl Who Waited, and The King of Okay!
Ghostey‘s take on The 11th Doctor and Team Pond as chibi characters was too cute not to recognize.

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the oncoming storm(s)
To complete the hat trick of three we found these representation of the 9th, 10th, and 11th Doctors just hanging out and being cool. The 9th Doctor being the base of this tower of power makes crazy sense to us. Him being the most stable of the three(at least we think so). Be sure to check out the 11th wearing a shark as a hat. He wears a shark now. Sharks are cool.

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Thank You, Internet: Dance, Dance, Dance Doctors Who

Strangely hypnotic, this.

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