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Today in Star Wars: Patrick Stewart vs Liam Neeson, Battle of the Action Figure Stars

On a previous The Graham Norton Show, Graham Norton brought out Liam Neeson and Patrick Stewart’s respective action figure bling and had them “duke it out.”

Funny embarrassments ensue.

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“Hula Cam” with GoPro vs Corey Rich’s “Why” with Nikon D4

Two videos presented for your perusal.

1) “Hula Cam” is shot with a GoPro HD HERO (seen here before when a man filmed a shark stalking him). This video’s gotten a lot of notice since it’s debut in December 2011. So much so that TheOriginalHelski has dropped info on how she filmed it.

2) “Why” is a promotional video interviewing sporty folk doing sporty things in sporty locations. We’ll be damned if we still don’t like it. The video is filmed, we’re assuming, with the Nikon D4 and hits all the right buttons to make us consider buying the thing. Then we saw the price and re-thought everything.

The GoPro HD Hero remains in our thoughts as it remains closer to our price range.

Watch both videos under the cut.
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Moment of Who vs. Today in Star Wars: Dr Who/Star Wars Prequels Video Mashup is Here! Nerds Head Asplode.

Rick Kelvington has an all possessing love of Dr Who. That’s the only explanation for the insane mashups going on over at his YouTube channel. This prequel mashup is actually a sequel to the original mashup that debuted last year. How the hell we missed  that one for an entire year is beyond us. It’s good to be surprised. It means we are seeing daylight once in a bit.

Any Who…ahem… Mr Kelvington we salute the time and effort put into making this bit of awesome. Seeing Tom Baker and David Tennant together on the same screen was extra helpings of win all on their own.

via geeks of doom

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Today in Star Wars: Comparing the ISS against a Star Destroyer

One can view the International Space Station ISS from the ground. It’s a fairly large piece of orbiting human engineering. But what of the interstaller ships of fiction. The ones so large they block out suns just before the fatal attack?

Recently, the Lounge of the Lab Lemming explored this very concept.

Science fiction generally depicts people walking around on the ground, or starships floating close above a planet, but with little connection between the two; The only time I can recall people on the ground seeing spacecraft above are when the Death Star explodes in Return of the Jedi, and when the remains of the Enterprise re-enter the atmosphere in Star Trek 3. But if you can see the ISS from here on Earth, then surely a larger science fiction (or alien) spacecraft would be brighter still.

Drop below the jump to see a comparison against the moon.
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Moment of Who: Sides are Chosen. Sorry, David Tennant. Matt Smith has Won Out.

For a long while we debated on this. It’s one of the most important decisions a Whovian can make. Who is your favorite Doctor. Tom Baker(4th Doctor) was our first Doctor and will always have a place in our geek hearts. Then came Tennant and we ate up his brash shoutyness with glee.

And then came the Matt Smith Doctor under the capable direction of Steven Moffatt. Our nation was split. After the Christmas episode and the most recent episode “Let’s Kill Hitler!” ..well. You win, Smith/Moffatt.

You win both our hearts.

via HiJinks Ensue

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Moment of Who: 8-Bit Doctor/Donna, Watch it, Spaceman!

We’d be lying to say we don’t miss the fiery chemistry, not in that in-your-pants kind of way, Donna Noble(Catherine Tate) had with the 10th Doctor(David Tennant). This flash animation focuses on said chemistry between the two travelers of both time and space.

See the embiggened version here.

via hey oscar wilde

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Today in Star Wars: Obi-wan & Qui-Gon vs Darth Maul Fight A Capella, Vveeew Veeew Ksssshh!

You Tuber Matt Mullholland has created an a capella multitrack of what is arguably the best scene in that slew of movies that do not exist.

Below the cut, get all your Star Wars jedi fighting via mouth action that you’ll ever need.
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Music Break: Game of Thrones Opening Theme Goes Metal, Not Bad

The Game of Thrones adaptation on HBO is a thing of beauty. The political machinations, the world building, the knights who say fuck. All of it is a golden hour of TV. The guy above decided the equally cool opening titles needed a heavy upgrade. And what do you know, he didn’t fuck it up.

Download the mp3 at: Whitenoiselab

Watch the(early) official HBO title below the jump. We say “early” because the map grows as new areas of the Game of Thrones world is revealed.
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Watch: The Great Inception, Charlie Chaplin’s THE GREAT DICTATOR Speech Mixed with Hans Zimmer’s INCEPTION Score

What a lovely mix. If you have not seen Chaplin’s THE GREAT DICTATOR you would do well to get right on that. It’s really a wonderful film. Also, you will see where Mike Myers stole homaged the image of Dr Evil using the world as his plaything for his Austin Powers series.

That chap, Charlie Chaplin, had the idea in 1940.

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Moment of Who: 2010 Dr Who Intro, SNES Style. Listen to It!

Doctor Octoroc has done it again. We noticed his digital escapades when he did the 8-Bit Dr Horrible experience. Now he’s moved on to our other favorite non-medical physician, Doctor Who.

A Super Nintendo style recreation of the newest “Doctor Who” intro sequence. I arranged the track in FL Studio using SNES soundfonts from Chrono Trigger, A Link to the Past, Final Fantasy IV and F-Zero. If you’re wondering how I got that wizzing sound in the beginning, it was a combination of “Lavos” sound effects from Crono Trigger 🙂

We love what he did here. Hell, we think it’s better than the 11th Doctor’s proper intro.

Dropped below the cut is Doctor Octoroc’s version and the official version. Tell us what you think in the comments.
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