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Dresden Codak Out-Frenches, French Cinema. Possibly Insane.

We admit to being uninformed on the current works of Dresden Codak. His webcomics are thoughtful, enterprising, and full of love. But with a schedule of roughly one new comic every month, we figure we have time to catch up on what lurks in the mind of Codak.

Imagine our surprise when today’s site visit reveals… well… this.

Of course, we threw the video below the jump. Of course, we did.

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Luc Besson’s LES AVENTURES EXTRAORDINAIRES D’ADELE BLANC-SEC Looks Extraordinary, Fantastique!

This was meant to be this week’s Tuesday Tease. We sure as hell aren’t waiting until next Tuesday to share it!

Under the cut lay the trailer to LES AVENTURES EXTRAORDINAIRES D’ADELE BLANC-SEC. Click and be amazed.

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Animated Win: LOGORAMA, A Hard-Boiled Action/Adventure with Logos

What lies below the jump is LOGORAMA, the Best Animated Short Film winner of the 2010 Oscars. If you’re like us you’ve never heard of it before and this year’s Oscars enlightened you of its existence.

We’ve viewed this clever, hard-boiled, slice-of-life action piece as portrayed by the world’s most recognizable figures. They do funny, and often very bad, things to each other. LOGORAMA is 15 minutes of hard love.

Watch it below via the You Tube(in two parts) while it’s available.

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Things You Should Know: A Drunkards Guide to an Ad Hoc New Year’s Eve Celebration

What we’ve done here, for your pleasure, is assemble the best video tutorials for opening spirits in unconventional ways that we could find. There’s the champagne tutorials for the traditonalists. The wine instructional for the elitists. And the beer guides for those, like us, who enjoy the simpler pleasures.

Did we forget to mention that each video opens your bottle of choice without the aid of new fangled corkscrews or bottle openers?

Silly us.

Opening Wine without a Corkscrew
The first of two vids feature our new favorite frenchman in all the world(sorry Jean Reno) opening a wine bottle with nothing but a shoe and some guy using a tree to the same end. His method is not as spectacular as the first but useful for those living in the sticks or next to national or urban parks.

Opening Beer with a Lighter or Piece of Paper
Smokers will rejoice at the thought. Any serious writer should know that the pen may be mightier than the sword but a piece of paper will allow you to drink forever.

Opening Champagne
Lastly, open that bottle of bubbly with nothing but the glass at your table or that sword you mysteriously carry in the folds of that long overcoat.

There can be only one.

The Next Day(Sorry, no vids for this)
After all that opening and drinking is done you might want to cure what’ll be ailing ya in the bright morning light. Your choice of hangover cures range from the bizarre to those with rockstar flavor.

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Toying with a new format. Two trailers. One Post.

Less searching? GNET is always evolving…for you.


Hayao Miyazaki‘s (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke) latest opus is close to the breaking shore. Sadly, Disney marketers still haven’t figured out how to cut a proper trailer for all the wondrous things you’ll find inside a Miyazaki flick.

Equally legendary animator, Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell), offers curious insight on PONYO. Know that we will be watching it as soon as this little town offers the chance and forming our own opinions.

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Mashup Monday: Overdub(ed) in French

When we decided to delve into the world of Overdub, we found that he or she is a mystery. The strange mixes born in Overdub’s mind cause our heart to stir. This is because the “Come as Starlight” mix can be found on our workout shuffle.

Long time musical favorites Neneh Cherry(sister to Eagle Eye) and Portishead are blended into a shapely “GloryWoman” below:

(via mashup town, Overdub)


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Put Words in the Mouths of the Dead

An American mashup artist let passers-by put words in giant zombies’ mouths last week.

The show, called Txt of the Living Dead, projected 15-foot-wide, black-and-white stills from George A. Romero’s classic 1968 horror flick Night of the Living Dead onto buildings. Text messages from random people on the street then filled comics-style speech balloons that were added to the images in what New York artist Paul Notzold called an “SMS-enabled interactive street performance.”

“It’s all uncensored, and that’s the beauty of it,” said Notzold…


Notzold smiled as he told the story of projecting one night beside a public-housing project in the United States. A small boy looked on thoughtfully, then beamed up at him and said: “OK mister, now I get it: I can make the windows speak!”

(via wired news and txtual healing)

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The Zazou: The French Might be Re-writing their History Again

whether or not the Zazou were real, I can’t say. French recollections of collective resistance seem to be exaggerated wishful fantasies to disguise the fact that they basically just rolled over. But of all the possibly imaginary demarcations of the French Resistance, the Zazou are the ones I most hope to have been real.

The Nazis description of the average Zazounian: ““Here is the specimen of Ultra Swing 1941: hair hanging down to the neck, teased up into an untidy quiff, little moustache a la Clark Gable… shoes with too-thick soles, syncopated walk.” An armada of listless youths, taking to the streets in their zoot suit uniforms, swaggering and swinging their pocket watches on their chains, to fight the fascists with the power off le jazz hot!

Digging deeper: 1940-1945: The Zazous | grow-a-brain

(via the marvelous new blog Ectoplasmosis)

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French Forced to Give Up Smoking, Whining Surprisingly Limited

What could be more French than sitting in a cafe enjoying a coffee and a cigarette, watching the world go by?

Not any more. The plumes of smoke that once wreathed the great thoughts of Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus, as they puffed away at the café Les Deux Magots on the Left Bank, have been banished by the chill winds of change.

France has imposed a ban on smoking in public places, so Les Deux Magots is now strictly “non-fumeur”: a smoke-free zone.

That famous French chain-smoker Serge Gainsbourg once sang an anthem to the habit, entitled “God smokes Havana cigars”.

Well, if He does, He will no longer be smoking them in this cafe nor in many others – and absolutely not in offices or government buildings.

(via bbc news)

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Urban Ninjas have all the Fun

I’m noticing more Le Parkour videos making the circles these days. Where the hell were those vids when I was looking for them 3 years ago?

The art of Le Parkour is french, in case you wondered.

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