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Edgar Wright & Simon Pegg Geek Bait Final Entry to Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy, ‘The World’s End’

Edgar Wright got chatty on his Twitter the other day. A Simon Pegg(photo seen below) laden tweet let lose the possible name for the last movie in the Blood and Ice-Cream Trilogy. That movie’s name being THE WORLD’S END.

This trilogy of Cornetto ice-cream connected films began with SHAUN OF THE DEAD(red strawberry Cornetto) and followed up with HOT FUZZ(blue Classic flavour). The last one, THE WORLD’S END has the green mint chocolate chip distinction.

Wright’s single tweet…

… has launched more than a dozen geek news sites into speculation mode and has made this long time Wright/Pegg/Frost fan positively giddy.

In fact, we’d like to take this moment to formally submit our services to these comedy masters to work on THE WORLD’S END film crew.


We’d work cheap.

Just pay us in ice-cream.

via SlashFilm

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Music Break: Evolution, the Greatest Show on Earth

Symphony of Science brings in another melody of life.

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Today in Star Wars: Darth Vader as Don Draper. All the Fine Ass and Scotch the Empire has to Offer.

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Music Break: Matthijs Vlot Sings “Hello” with Help of Dozens of Popular Movies

Props to Matthijs Vlot for finding just the right lines from the right movies to make this one minute of wonder.

Just a note, works like this won’t be possible if SOPA or PIPA or a similar government sponsored act that tries to regulate Internet.

via AOTS 1/18/2012

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Focus: Internet Blackout. Stop PIPA. Stop SOPA.

That is how webcomic entrepreneur The Oatmeal is participating in the Internet Blackout.

Have you been under a rock? The Internet, a huge chunk of it, is going dark today in effort to fight SOPA and PIPA. We, in contrast, are stepping out from our recent silence to tell you about the darkness. Our ways are strange and not to be questioned.

Popvox is a site recently brought to our attention that “bridges the gap between the input the public wants to provide and the information Members of Congress want and need to receive.” If we’re reading that right, Popvox is the medium for the Internet to get its voice heard in Congress.

Here are direct links to the SOPA and PIPA entries: is another site that is planning to participate. Click the respective links to see what Redditors are saying(when the blackout is over) about SOPA and PIPA.

Below we have provided a screenshot list of sites that have already gone dark(as of this writing.):

As many as 7,000 websites are participating today in protests of some form or another against the U.S. House Of Representatives’ Stop Online Piracy Act and the U.S. Senate’s companion Protect IP Act. Some are going dark. Others are calling attention to the issue in less dramatic ways. Among the more prominent are Wikipedia, Google, Reddit, WordPress, TwitPic, Cheezburger, BoingBoing, several gaming companies including Minecraft, and Mozilla, source of the Firefox web browser. Wikipedia, BoingBoing and Minecraft have gone dark. Others, like Google, are displaying home page illustrations or visual statements about censorship and urging visitors to contact their elected representatives.

The Oatmeal



Updated for posterity:

Alexis Ohanian

“Why is it that when Republicans and Democrats need to solve the budget and the deficit, there’s deadlock, but when Hollywood lobbyists pay them $94 million dollars to write legislation, people from both sides of the aisle line up to co-sponsor it?”
–Reddit Founder Alexis Ohanian on CNBC.

Wil Wheaton
Young Master Wheaton of the Internet Hordes wrote a lovely essay on why SOPA and PIPA damage the internet.

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Tumblr Watch: Dwain Smith’s Googly Eyes X-Men Comic Covers Makes Mutant Angst Fun Again

What is it: File this under: yet another simple idea so awesome that we should have thought of it first. Dwain Smith‘s pasting of googly eyes on X-Men covers is nerd comedy we can get behind. We don’t understand why but the more serious the X-Men cover, the better the eye googlies makes it. He’ll never run out of usable material from the Dork Age.

Official site:

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Moment of Who vs. Today in Star Wars: Dr Who/Star Wars Prequels Video Mashup is Here! Nerds Head Asplode.

Rick Kelvington has an all possessing love of Dr Who. That’s the only explanation for the insane mashups going on over at his YouTube channel. This prequel mashup is actually a sequel to the original mashup that debuted last year. How the hell we missed  that one for an entire year is beyond us. It’s good to be surprised. It means we are seeing daylight once in a bit.

Any Who…ahem… Mr Kelvington we salute the time and effort put into making this bit of awesome. Seeing Tom Baker and David Tennant together on the same screen was extra helpings of win all on their own.

via geeks of doom

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Art-Out Moment: Darren Rawlings’ Santa Lion-O, HO! HO! HOOOOOOOOO!

See more of Rawl’s art at his web house.

via geektyrant

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Moment of Who: Find The Doctor Amidst All of The Silence

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Good Morning, Pirate Shoppers of Christmas. Your Eggs are Quite ‘Jolly’

via +Matt Musgrave

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