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Happy Horny Werewolf Day 2012. Yeah. Not Gonna Let Go of This Tradition Anytime Soon

And now here’s the day as we’ve come to call it since 2007, 2008 and 2011. 2010 could fuck right off, apparently.

Always remember: Valentine’s Day is a Christian corruption of a pagan festival involving werewolves, blood and fucking. So wish people a happy Horny Werewolf Day and see what happens.
Warren Ellis, BAD SIGNAL 02-14-2007

All of the following (cards and teddy bear) are buyable from CafePress. Good luck having them delivered on time. maybe next year, yes?

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Art-Out Valentines: Chris Bishop’s Game of Thrones Cards for Lovers of Westeros, Happiness is Coming

Chris Bishop drew up some special print out Valentines for those who know Winter is Coming. You know it had to be special for us to reference today by its popular name.

Fear not. You can print the full size version of these cards just in time for your special geek love by clicking the link a few words back or by clicking the the photo below.

What’s our favorite card in Westeros? The Dothraki sentiments, of course.

via geek tyrant

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Music Break: Game of Thrones Theme on Violin and Piano

YouTuber Lara6683 took a request to play the GAME OF THRONES theme song on her channel. We have an unabashed love for the Game of Thrones series and books. So if there’s a fan made cover out there we’d be hard-pressed not to post it.

If we have the timing down we will be playing Game of Thrones drinking games by the time this posts.
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A Damn Fine Short SciFi-Film: Aaron Sims’ ARCHETYPE , ‘Your Memories are Just a Glitch’

Official Synopsis

RL7 is an eight-foot tall combat robot that goes on the run after malfunctioning with vivid memories of once being human. As its creators and the military close in, RL7 battles its way to uncovering the shocking truth behind its mysterious visions and past.
Directed by: Aaron Sims
starring: Robert Joy (Land of the Dead, CSI:NY) and David Anders (Heroes, 24).

What We Learned: Special effects and animation veteran Aaron Sims released his $0 budget and completely unfunded labor of love, ARCHETYPE, on the Internets January 20, 2012. After watching it the first time we decided on the spot that ARCHETYPE is pretty fucking cool!

Like most Hollywood movies, all the usual tropes are covered. Unlike most Hollywood big action fare Aaron Sims made those tropes engaging and worth watching. We’ve already viewed this short more times than we care to mention.

Seven minutes is just not enough.

We hope this taste of the ARCHETYPE world generates enough buzz and gains financial backers so that he can fully visualize his labor of love. Note: we’re almost certain the concept art of Sims complete vision is featured in the credits. Stick around and watch those for once.

Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone! This has been a labor of love on a budget of $0 and it makes it all worth while when we see other poeple responding to it. Thank you! – Aaron Sims

Official sites: |
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Today in Star Wars: Patrick Stewart vs Liam Neeson, Battle of the Action Figure Stars

On a previous The Graham Norton Show, Graham Norton brought out Liam Neeson and Patrick Stewart’s respective action figure bling and had them “duke it out.”

Funny embarrassments ensue.

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Saturday Afternoon Theater: GroBroPros SKYRIM 2012, Real Life as a MMORPG

We’ve a confession to make. Skyrim is our newest addiction. We’re on constant lookout for dragons dropping out of the blue or signs that that skeevy shop owner really will sell us his sister. It’s an addiction that’s hard to please as we don’t yet own that game.

The twins responsible for Grosjean Brothers Productions tapped into the Skyrim gaming phenomenon our sweet stress release and have made two great videos based on that game world.

We’re glad that the first video didn’t turn into a one-off video and we look forward to more in this series.

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The Sunday Punch: Screen Team Show’s “Moves Like Batman,” Dance Like Catwoman

Screen Team Show just made our radar. Groonkly Eyes are on you, STS. Keep up the good work.

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Podcast Listens: Shameless Plug Edition: Blast Shields Down, Episode 2: MOON, Hard-SciFi at It’s Best

Hold on to your spacesuits, faithful listener. The Blasters get incredibly nerdy and philosophical on this one.

Discussed in this episode: Mellow Sam vs Angry Sam, the future of energy, will robots become better liars than humans and why @C_Duncan is wrong about his “improvements” to this hard science fiction classic.

This episode has the distinction of being the most popular download in the Blast Shields Down series. Find out why.

HOST :@Groonk

LISTEN: [powerpress]

Talk at us on:

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Moment of Who: “What would I have seen you in?”

Twitterer @timbentinck says this is an old actors joke. Despite our knowledge of entertainment and thespians, the particular joke in question escapes us. The main thrust of the punchline doesn’t.

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