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Artist, Jean Giraud aka Moebius (1938-2012)

Jean Giraud’s art found its way to you. You just was not aware.

View the Tumblr Quenched Consciousness for a comprehensive collection of Jean Giraud’s work.

Neil Gaiman on Moebius

Gaiman’s full eulogy on Moebius can be found at his journal post Remembering Moebius.

He drew different stories in different styles, and the only thing they seemed to have in common was that they were beautiful. -Neil Gaiman

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In Search of Moebius

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illustration by Moebius :: scanned from The Art of Star Wars Galaxy :: Topps Publishing :: 1993

Moebius’ Iron Man

Moebius Comics, issue 1 from Caliber Press, 1996

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The Sunday Punch: The Cast of COMMUNITY is Batman Now.

These samples of fan made awesome began appearing on the blog-o-nets in December 2011. We kept the links in cold storage until we could better parse them through this site. Now TV internet is abuzz with COMMUNITY’s return to television.

March 15th on Thursday nights.

We feel now’s the time to share these fan images made by Deviant artist, Kinjamin. Just follow this here Community link to learn the method behind his character cosplaying madness.

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Today in Star Wars: Duncan Fegredo’s ‘Jan Solo,’ Ladies with Ray Guns

This week’s subject is “ray guns” over on the WhatNot sketch blog. We strongly suggest you have a look.

Duncan Fegredo filled today’s Star Wars quota easily.

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Happy Horny Werewolf Day 2012. Yeah. Not Gonna Let Go of This Tradition Anytime Soon

And now here’s the day as we’ve come to call it since 2007, 2008 and 2011. 2010 could fuck right off, apparently.

Always remember: Valentine’s Day is a Christian corruption of a pagan festival involving werewolves, blood and fucking. So wish people a happy Horny Werewolf Day and see what happens.
Warren Ellis, BAD SIGNAL 02-14-2007

All of the following (cards and teddy bear) are buyable from CafePress. Good luck having them delivered on time. maybe next year, yes?

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Art-Out Valentines: Chris Bishop’s Game of Thrones Cards for Lovers of Westeros, Happiness is Coming

Chris Bishop drew up some special print out Valentines for those who know Winter is Coming. You know it had to be special for us to reference today by its popular name.

Fear not. You can print the full size version of these cards just in time for your special geek love by clicking the link a few words back or by clicking the the photo below.

What’s our favorite card in Westeros? The Dothraki sentiments, of course.

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Today in Star Wars: Avatar: The Last Airbender, from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

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Music Break: 2CELLOS Just “Shook You All Night Long,” Rock You with Classic Instruments

Notice how all the older audience members are not amused by this at all. *Throws the devil horns at them EVEN HARDER*

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Merry Christmas, LHC! Santa knows what Every DisCERNing Scientist wants this Year

science club 03

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It’s Christmas Eve, Boys and Girls. Be Good or the Krampus Will Whip You.

Twitterer @RonSalas retweeted an old Christmas card @CalamityJon created a few years ago.

The Krampus is an old myth that the Venture Brothers introduced us to a few years ago. Take a walk through YouTube and you’ll find tons of contemporary parade and Traditional Krampus videos all up in there.

Now imagine our surprise when we learned obscure mythologist writer most extraordinary, Neil Gaiman, did not know of the Krampus.

We’re still reeling from this revelation. Reality as we know it may never recover.

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Art-Out Moment: Darren Rawlings’ Santa Lion-O, HO! HO! HOOOOOOOOO!

See more of Rawl’s art at his web house.

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