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The Future: ‘Condition One’ May Revolutionize Photo/Video Journalism, Reporting, & the Documentary/Indie Film Trade

What is it: Condition One is an iPad app that will be newly launched by the time you read this post. What we’ve learned from the trailer(listed below) is that you turn your iPad into a portable video camera. When viewing what you have filmed, you can swipe to see different angles during playback. From what we can tell Condition One personalizes the viewing experience through portable film making. It’s as if you have become the intrepid reporter behind enemy lines seeking out the story within. It blends photo journalism and reporting in interesting ways. That’s how we see it anyway. One top of all that, it’s free!

This app has quickly become the second reason we’d spend money on an iPad.

Official sites

The Condition ONE app gives users the ability to look in any direction while viewing footage. By pivoting and tilting the iPad, one literally manipulates the corresponding field of view. The highly sensitive motion controls produce the illusion of looking through a window into another reality, giving a visceral sense of ‘being there’.

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7 Fully Funded Kickstarter Projects We’re Looking Forward to Watching/Reading

Dropped below the cut, in no particular order, are seven successfully funded Kickstarter projects that are on their way to becoming reality or are ready to be in your hands. It covers projects from HOMEWARD BOUND with zombies, a cat that fights The Devil, Wonder Woman, comics, apps for comics, and the end of space trucking.

Have a look, why don’t you?
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Read: iDrakula. The Original Vampire Tale as Told through Text, Email and Voicemail on Your iPhone

From: Mister Groonk
To: Faithful Readers
Subject: The modern retelling of the strange old man who doesn’t drink….wine.
Sent: October 29, 2010

Here’s a curious idea. Take one classic tale of the great and powerful king of all night creatures your count and lord, Dracula. Take it from its humble, and now quaint, 1897 origins. Then transform and infuse it with all the 21st century trappings. Instant messages. Voicemail. Email. And cram it all in your handy portable Steve Jobs device.

And the first part of iDrakula is free!

*Traps a spider. Inspects it briefly. Eats it.*

The master must be informed of this “new age magic.” he must know. For the retelling, like the blood, is life.

The dark lord’s humble servant,
Attached: iDrakula iTunes website

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Scott Pilgrim, Getting It All Together: Game Trailer, Movie Trailer Review, Avatar Creating, Fan Art, Flesh Art, Overload

Bryan Lee O’Malley provided the sketch. Twitter friend, and cartoonist, Harry Myland IV gave it the animation.

An epic overload of Scott Pilgrim stuff below the cut.

Really. You can’t imagine what we threw down there.
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Cartoonist Daryl Cagle Collects ‘Oil Spill Cartoons’ into iPhone/iPod Touch App

We’re not familiar with MSNBC cartoonist, Daryl Cagle’s work. What he’s done here is of interest to us. Centering an app around a theme in his work that just so happens to match current events is pretty nifty. Hell, it’s so obvious we wonder why it hasn’t occurred to us before.

The level of advertising Cagle is running for his new ‘Oil Spill Cartoon’ app, however, slams hard against the spam line. If he wasn’t advertising so hard, we never would have noticed them. Now that we notice them, and him, we can’t help but see his pleas for your $0.99.

Marketing and sales is a delicate dance between you and potential costumers. It’s never a good idea to slam hard on your partner’s toes.

via @dcagle, The Cagle Post

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In San Francisco: Apple Hyperwall Visualizes App Sales, Channels THE MATRIX & Tetris.

Our eyes are set to graphic visualizations.

Mashable explains:

Here at WWDC in San Francisco, Apple has once again erected a video wall demonstrating the reach of the App Store. It contains 30 synchronized 24-inch LED screens that display the top 50,000 apps as they are being downloaded. In just a few minutes, the entire walls gets filled up with with 10,800 downloaded apps from around the world.

“This hyperwall is powered by 30 Mac Pro towers with Mac OS X Snow Leopard and EVGA NVIDIA GTX 285 graphics cards. As apps are downloaded from the App Store, their data is coalesced via an XML feed every five minutes. Apps are sorted and scheduled using Cocoa and Objective-C. The data is then passed to an OpenCL kernle, which drives the animation. Quartz Composer brings all the technologies together and renders the final synchonized output using Quartz Composer Visualizer.”

via mashable

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Iron Week: Marvel’s IRON MAN App Looks to Redefine Branded Mobile Applications, Awesome

This mini-promotional Iron Week is picking up steam. The more we browse our Internet feeds. The more stuff we stumble upon.

Mashable reports Marvel and Zumboi got together and birthed a monstrously interactive free iPhone/iPod Touch app promoting that new IRON MAN II movie you may have heard about.

Zumobi designed the app to fit in with the existing Iron Man motif. The graphics and colors match the film and comic series, and elements of the apps control panel mimic the HUD (heads-up display) that resides inside Tony Stark’s Iron Man helmet.

From the main screen, users can choose to view videos, news, wallpapers, the origin of Iron Man, buy tickets and access other Marvel links.

The video clips feature a variety of TV commercials for Iron Man 2 and its tie-in sponsors (like Dr Pepper and Audi) and there are also links to clips from the film, which match up with what Marvel has been posting to its official YouTube (YouTube) page.

Mashable also talks about Marvels future plans with Android and that an iPad application is coming. More importantly, something we almost skipped over, this Iron man application extends beyond simply building hype for the IRON MAN II movie. The Iron Man app will continue to feed you information on all things Iron Man after the movie is but a (hopefully) pleasant memory.

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iPad Frenzy: Comic Zeal V4 has Less Awesome App Demonstration, Still Manages to Impress

So why is this called Comic Zeal 4 and not Comic Zeal iPad?

The plan at the moment is to have both versions on the app store (this means that Comic Zeal 4 will be an additional purchase).

As the tools to do it become easier we’ll make version 4 iPhone compatible too and at that point we’ll stop development of version 3. Whilst both versions are on the store I’ll do my best to ensure that any big version 4 features that are feasible on the iPhone also make it into version 3.

So Comic Zeal Version 4 isn’t just for the iPad, at some point it will also be available for the iPhone, just not yet.

Read the complete tech and features write-up in its entirety at Bitolithic’s site.

(via Bitolithic)

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iPad Frenzy: iVerse Demonstrates Mobile Comics App Preview, +20 Hype Increase

The Application has been submitted and passed the initial approval stages, so we’re expecting it to be available on launch day. This is a Universal Application — so it will be the same App as the iPhone application — and all your iVerse Comics In App Purchases will transfer over to the iPad at no additional cost.

Below the cut you’ll find an awesome video of awesome digital comics being demonstrated awsomely.

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iPad Frenzy: “Captain’s Log” App Just Made Star Trek Geeks Wet their Pants

Let’s build some iPad hype, yes?

The PADD was a wondrous Star Trek device that damn damn near what any plot required in the 24th century.

The iPad is a wondrous 21st century device that Steve Jobs says will change the world as you know it.

The “Captain’s Log” is an iPad app that blends 21st century happenings with 24th century props. You bet your ass we’re gonna own the hell out of it once we own a second generation iPad.

UPDATE: Because nothing good lasts forever: ‘Star Trek app for iPad pulled after infringement complaint

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