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Station Break: Let’s Pause for a Moment

Stop! Don't Shoot!

It’s been a minute since we’ve been around these parts, faithful reader. But that does not mean we’re gone for good. is taking a minute to refresh and renew its purpose. One day there will be a return but we’re not quite sure when that day will be.

What’s being planned exactly? Expanding influence.

Here are a few places where you can continue to experience Groonk-mind until this space gets back on its feet again.

Try as hard as we might, we just can’t quit you, Twitter.

You do know that we’re podcasting now, right? Hear the voices of @C_Duncan, DaJuan, @Rick_Snee and yours truly, @Groonk, talk about some geek movies you may have never heard of…and a smattering of those you have.

Talk to our intern, Greg on Google+ and Twitter (@bsdpodcast) to make it a true Film Review Society.

Download us straight off the iTunes device.

Plug in our RSS feed into any other podcast reader:

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It took months for it to happen but it finally did. We’re loving the completely graphic nature of Pinterest. The ability to share lovely images with a few clicks of a mouse is nice, too.

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Come for the Pacman Ghost Bookshelf, stay for galleries of varied interest:

Source: via Hubert on Pinterest

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Station Break: Taking a Rest from Serious Business

It has been decided, faithful reader, that we need a short rest from the Internet at large. Expect our return to the Newsmine in first week of March.

Twitter ramblings will still happen @Groonk.

While we’re gone, examine these Internet artifacts. Then observe and report:

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Working the Problem Sorted

We’re still fixing things. Normality resumes as soon as possible.


After utilizing a modicum of man hours and a healthy dose of frustration, everything looks like it’s ready to roll. Relatively speaking, of course. Things still needed doing in the real world, you know. We’ll see how everything plays out in the morning…er.. afternoon.

-Super G

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It Seems Like Someone Should Have Known

There’s a hole in the world. It is man-made (a diamond mine in Eastern Siberia, Russia) and it is horrifyingly gorgeous.

Other holes on planetary surfaces: Mars

(via sreedhara, Mark Trapp)

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New “Minor Planet” Found Near Neptune

Something new in the night sky, for the moment anyways.

Using the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, astronomers detected a small, comet-like object called 2006 SQ372, which is likely made of rock and ice. However, its orbit never brings it close enough to the sun for it to develop a tail. Its unusual orbit is an ellipse that is four times longer than it is wide, said University of Washington astronomer Andrew Becker, who led the discovery team.


2006 SQ372 is beginning the return leg of a 22,500-year journey that will take it to a distance of 150 billion miles, nearly 1,600 times the distance from the Earth to the Sun. Scientists believe the object is only 50-100 kilometers (30-60 miles) across.

But did you hear about Pluto? Messed up right?

(via universe today)

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NASA to Dive Bomb Moon with Robot, Look for Water

Sometime between May and August 2009, depending on launch dates, the booster stage for NASA’s LCROSS probe will deliberately crash into a permanently-shadowed lunar crater at 9,000 km/hr, producing an explosion equivalent to about 2,000 pounds of TNT (6.5 billion joules). The blast will jettison material out of the crater into broad daylight where astronomers can search the debris for signs of lunar water.

(via science@nasa)

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Lightning Strike Deconstructed in Slow Motion Video, Labeled Cool

(via geekologie, bbc documentary “The Power of the Planet“)

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Total Solar Eclipse as Viewed from 27,000 ft

(via live leak, ultimatejosh)

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Type 1 Civilization Just in Reach

In a 1964 article on searching for extraterrestrial civilizations, the Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev suggested using radio telescopes to detect energy signals from other solar systems in which there might be civilizations of three levels of advancement: Type 1 can harness all of the energy of its home planet; Type 2 can harvest all of the power of its sun; and Type 3 can master the energy from its entire galaxy.

Based on our energy efficiency at the time, in 1973 the astronomer Carl Sagan estimated that Earth represented a Type 0.7 civilization on a Type 0 to Type 1 scale. (More current assessments put us at 0.72.) As the Kardashevian scale is logarithmic — where any increase in power consumption requires a huge leap in power production — we have a ways before 1.0.


The forces at work that could prevent us from making the great leap forward to a Type 1 civilization are primarily political and economic. The resistance by nondemocratic states to turning power over to the people is considerable, especially in theocracies whose leaders would prefer we all revert to Type 0.4 chiefdoms. The opposition toward a global economy is substantial, even in the industrialized West, where economic tribalism still dominates the thinking of most politicians, intellectuals and citizens.

(via LA Times Opinion)

Human progress plotted using the Kardashevian scale

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The Flatfish Missing Link was Found, Good on Them

I’m not so much tracking that they have a “missing link” but of where this “lost” information was found. Sitting happily and unknown in a museum’s drawers. A certain dinosaur comes to mind.

“They don’t know what they’ve got there.”

Indeed they don’t, Indy.

Some odd-looking fish fossils discovered in the bowels of several European museums may help solve a lingering question about evolutionary theory, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday.

The 50 million-year-old fossils — which have one eye near the top of their heads — help explain how flatfish such as flounder, sole and halibut developed the strange but useful trait of having both eyes on one side.

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