Tuesday Tease: The Governator Trailer Released. That’s Right. He’s Back.

Official Synopsis

The storyline will feature the recently retired governor of California deciding to take on global villainy and disasters with the help of a team of teens. He’ll be living a double life with his heroics a secret even from his family.

What We Learned:
Larry King is the reverse of Dorian Gray. Arnold has a plethora of power armor to choose from. Toy companies must be slobbering at Stan Lee’s door right now. Arnold has two teenagers locked in his basement doing IT scut work. Arnold Schwarzenegger fighting robots is redundant.

Why We’ll Watch:
Put it simply. We’re not. Why on this fresh verdant Earth would we want to watch a re-hash of Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos or Mr T’s Adventures play out in front of us with another action celebrity from the 1980s finding a way to remain an action star in his advancing age? If this remained a three minute spoof, the humor would be priceless. Since this is a real project, we’re not laughing at all.

When’s it coming?
Who cares? (If you actually do, we hear 2012 is the release date.)

Official site:

Because you’re too lazy to click the links we provided above. This here is what we’re talking about. Stan Lee aims to bring lame 80s action animation back to our television and we’re not pleased by this at all.

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