Tuesday Tease: THE JONESES is Clever, Moving to Your Neighborhood… Maybe

In the dying weeks of our favorite afternoon talk show, The Bonnie Hunt Show, David Duchovny appeared and brought with him snark and news on a movie he made. Duchovny snark is always appreciated but we had more interest in the movie he plugged.

What it is
Demi Moore constructs the all American family, moves them into an affluent suburb, and proceeds to use the family as living models to market the hell out of anything with a price tag.

What We Learned
Demi Moore can still play a by-the-numbers bitch whenever she wants. Even though we know Duchvony is more than the sum of Fox Mulder or Hank Moody, we can’t help but see those characters struggling to contain themselves inside the actor that is David Duchovny.

Why We’re Gonna Watch
David Duchovny was right, for once. This idea is pretty damn clever. Will the satire outpace the “love story” that Hollywood feels compelled to wedge into every script that blows through its doors? Who knows. We’d still like to see the flick.

Official site:

A quick search of our local theaters show that THE JONSES is currently not at a theater near us. Surprise!..?

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