Tuesday Tease: THE LOSERS Trailer Hits Internet, Looks Funner than A-TEAM

Above sits THE LOSERS movie poster featured at Nerd Prom ’09.

Below sits THE LOSERS first official trailer which looks damn good:

Official Site: THE LOSERS

“After being betrayed and left for dead, a special black-ops team go after who set them up.”

If you haven’t noticed by now LOSERS the film is adapted from the Vertigo comic by Andy Diggle and Jock. We can’t tell you about the comic yet. We’ve taken more than one stab at the much heralded comic. It’s just not sticking with us. We’re gonna super-glue ourselves to the pages soon cause time’s running out now and the movie looks like a kick in the pants. A good kick in the pants. However that works. Let’s forget we wrote that last observation and say the movie looks funner than hell and the trailer has guaranteed our ass in the April 9th opening night seat.

Here’s an extra upshot poster for the road.

(via geeksofdoom & Andy Diggle, poster via @Andy Diggle and @Jock )

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