There Will Be Robots: South Korea’s Actress-Bot Continues to Act, Refuses to Work with Keanu Reeves

The Universe tends to acknowledge our meatspace conversations with news from the World. A recent debate with @Rick_Snee over making robots that look like us(our view) versus robots that look like rejects from Tom Selleck’s RUNAWAY(his view) was put on pause. Then South Korea raises its voice and reminds that actress-bot EveR-3 is still around and continues to act to a full house.

Notice the form she takes. That makes the score @Groonk – 1 to @Rick_Snee – 0.

Of course we’re keeping score.

EveR-3 (Eve Robot 3) starred in various dramas last year including the government-funded “Dwarfs” which attracted a full house, said Lee Ho-Gil, of the state-run Korea Institute of Industrial Technology.

The lifelike EveR-3 is 157 centimetres (five feet, two inches) tall, can communicate in Korean and English, and can express a total of 16 facial expressions — without ever forgetting her lines.

Lee acknowledged that robot actresses find it hard to express the full gamut of emotions and also tend to bump into props and fellow (human) actors.


South Korea has in addition developed a walking robot maid, a robotic penguin, koala and rabbit, and a variety of other models.

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