2010 Tease: 10 Movies in the Year Spaceship that Stand Above the Rest (for Now)

2010 is the year of lovely entertainment in dark rooms filled with people. We have a hope that as time passes more worthwhile movies will be added to our watch list. Until then look below the jump and fill your eyes with trailers… of the future!


What lay above this humble text is the international trailer for Tim Burton’s stroll through Wonderland.

One thing we noticed, for a movie about Alice there aren’t many full-on shots of her money-maker in Wonderland. The other thing we noticed, it looks positively delightful. Also, Helena Bonham-Carter makes the diminutive Red Queen strangely sexy. That’s all we have to say on that matter.

And who doesn’t enjoy a warm pig belly under their aching feet?


We straight up admit to watching IM2 trailer more than once. And every time watched was an experience of unashamed sheer pleasure.


We first mentioned DAYBREAKERS deep inside this Overload back in October. It still has our attention. It’s a vampire planet, people. The exact thing to happen if the bloodsuckers existed in reality. What’s not to like?


Another movie mentioned in the Tuesday Tease of yesteryear(2009). Have a KICK-ASS red band trailer featuring Hit-Girl and continue to marvel at Nic Cage digging deep to pull off a good performance. Considering his track record on this in the aughts, we consider this a 2010 miracle.


PAUL is one of the few projects Simon Pegg and Nick Frost created that does not include their “Spaced” director Edgar Wright. Currently, there is no trailer for PAUL. There is one rather hefty production blog.


BITCH SLAP ran all up and down the film festivals in the rest of the world last year. We noticed it in 2008. Despite the middlin’ rating in IMDB, we feel the need. The need for cheese. It provides all the 70s style sexsploitation with 21st century special FX that a growing boy needs. Lucky for us, it’s getting a limited run in the USA this year.


You’re damn right we’re gonna be all up in those Deathly Hallows come November. The movie Potterverse is coming to an end. Hopefully, it’ll hit a handful of the grand notes achieved in J K Rowling’s books.


We were there in the 80s when the first TRON zapped The Dude into cyberspace to buddy team-up with Captain Sheridan. We’ll be there when this new TRON sparks new future geek culture celebrities. Fingers crossed it’ll be a relevant thrill-ride for this day and age.


Scott Pilgrim meets the girl of his dreams. The catch is he must defeat her 7 evil ex-boyfriends in battle before she’s totally his. It’s all complicated romantic-comedy, fantasy fun after that. We’re currently working through a lovely Xmas gift of volumes 2-5 of the comic. The more we read, the more we wonder how Edgar Wright’s going to translate Bryan Lee O’Malley’s wonderful insanity to the screen.

To date, there is no trailer for the Scott Pilgrim movie. Unless you believe the random tweets of its director.SCOTT PILGRIM the movie has a generous production blog. Edgar Wright the director has been keeping a daily photo blog of the Pilgrim production. The Scott Pilgrim World LiveJournal(yes, LJ’s still around) is worth a look. The only thing we’re unsure about is Michael Cera playing the main role. Time changes opinions and our confidence in Cera/Pilgrim is now very low.


Trailer B of the new Christopher Nolan movie INCEPTION clears up the ambiguities of the earlier teasers. It will be watched. Oh yes, it will be seen.

Honorable Mentions
This Vertigo comic by Andy Diggle and Jock gets a film treatment. Zoe Saldaña‘s a cast member. Zoe Saldaña!

Borrower Arrietty is a Studio Ghibli production. Life isn’t right without those guys exposing the world to their creative splendor.

Based on the Hunter S Thompson novel, Rum Diary has Johnny Depp at the fore. This will be the second time Depp has stepped into Thompson’s words.

A none-fluffy Seth Rogan takes on the mantle of the Green Hornet. That’s about the only thing interesting going on here.

ReBoot is one of our favorite cgi animated series from the 90s and REBOOT is getting a film adaptation? The news of a film trilogy is in the works. Rainmaker Animation we don’t know who you are but we’re ready to love you. The shortest tease to ever excite geeks of a certain age can be found on Teaser Trailer.

For even more movies that we omitted because the director turned out to be a hack or there was just no interest in the thing at this time, check out ONTD’s Most Anticipated Movies of 2010 post.

Didn’t Mean to be Rude
What movies of 2010 have your eyes sparkling and wallets trembling?

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