New Trek Trailer Attacks: James T. Kirk Tells You His Name.

It has been decided, amongst those in control of this site (meaning me), that the area of interest this month shall be the movies. In part, it will be about a few that are out now. The other part shall be on the future flicks. Both require that trailers be available for the showing. Any opinions written afterward will be about the trailer alone and not the movie.

Yes, the month is almost done. I figure that’s more than enough days to cover the films that look worth throwing $10 at.

Let’s start with this new Star trek trailer everyone’s jawing about.

On the surface, the “wow factor” can’t be ignored. James T. Kirk: action man. Spock: a soul divided. The rest didn’t get enough lines to make a snap analyses. Although, Simon Pegg as Scotty is growing on me.

The geek in me fights hard at the logic of building a starship, that is not known for hanging out under the atmospheric veil of planetoids, on the freaking ground. We’ll tie that guy up for now. For now, I’ll say my interest is piqued, Mr Abrams. My wallet will open for you come next year’s zombie thaw.

(via trailer addict, apple trailers)

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