Pirates, Me Hearties. Ye Should be Talkin' Like Them

Something new for the weekend, mates. Displayed in full visual’n all hearing sound(refresh for more possibilities). For the entire weekend, ye lubbers. As aye will be in the blues washed town of Memphis, TN.


Be sure’n visit me mate Bosun Snee from Seriously Guys to learn how ye should be celebratin’ this fine day.

Piratey Groonkness

And don’t forget me rum.

Pirate Gargoyle. Now in Technicolor.

Another Year, Another Day to Talk Like a Pirate

International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2006 be here, mateys!

Ye may be wonderin what this wee beastie featured below yer scurvy cover’d eyes has t’ do with pirates. An if ye be wonderin…ye have no place in t’ pirate world.


FSM: Touched By Her Noodley Appendage

Here be some of me favorite parrrsonal shots of pirates:

Pirate Stewie!   Pirate Hotness   Pirate Hello Kitty

And one honarrrble mention which is now me favorite button…ever.

Still Searchin’ fer the Elusive Booty

Many thanks go ta Ponzu fer flash-ercizing me newest brand. And fer animating it in said flash.

Clever lads will hear me, Bloodstain Bartholomew, speaking to ye from the briney deep. If’n ye mouse around a bit.

har har harrrrrrrr!


Talk like a pirate day has come and gone (Sept 19).

I was all prepared too.

latet’t’party groonk