Show Tubes: The Indy Mogul Overload

From the depths of the Indy Mogul offices come their latest BFX test film: freeze face. And by film I mean music video with music provided by Keelay.

What is Indy Mogul?
They are young, gonzo filmmakers. They make, and show, other young filmmakers how to create cheap visual effects for their backyard films. Imagine what the world would have been like if Steven Spielberg had these tools available during his formative film years? Darren Aronofsky might have gotten the awesome of THE FOUNTAIN to our eyes a few years earlier. The creation catalyst potential is endless.

EriK Beck is your guide through: 1) talking about the special FX in question 2) showing a test film using said FX. It’s just that easy. Their blog features daily notices and I hear their forums are filled with its fare share of talented creators. They are basically super film geeks on a whole ‘nother level. That level being The Internet.

Sidenote: Another Indy Mogul favorite of mine is THE SPIRIT’S DAY OFF. It became so popular that they followed up with a behind the scenes look at that film. Let it be known that is about as close as I’ll get to watching The Spirit on film. That is until they do a reboot of the franchise 10 years later or when I’m liquored up late, on a Saturday night, and happen to land on an HBO viewing.

Indy Mogul also features…